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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Willow is turned by a Buffyverse vampire, however because of the vast amount of magic she has something went wrong, and she ended up as a Carpathian (or a Carpathian hybrid). Upon awakening, the first thing she notices is that she retained her soul. Obviously she wants to know why, and begins to search for answers, starting with the fact that she resouled Angel. Her research on the curse and its origins, and the Roma tribes, lead her to the Carpathian Mountains when she soon discovers the Carpathians and the fact that she is Carpathian (or a Carpathian hybrid).
Literature > Fantasy > Author: Christine Feehan • Responses [0] • Date Added [26 Nov 12]
It's a fairly common plot line for Severus to help Willow through the aftermath of her attempt to end the world, her feelings of guilt and so forth; in this challenge it is Willow who helps Severus. Deathly Hollows' pretty much told us that everything Severus did after he returned to the light was for Lily leaving the distinct impression that it was still a festering unhealed wound after over twenty years. This does not have to be a romantic pairing; friendship is perfectly fine. Time wise, for the Buffyverse it would be any time post season seven, for the Potterverse any time after Severus re...
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The basis of this challenge is fairly simple: Due to the hellmouth, when Willow cursed Angel with a soul, it had the unintentional side effect of forming the first two marks between them. The marks might be either Willow creating a vampire servant OR binding them both ways (ie Willow as human servant and Angel as vampire servant).

How exactly the two universes are related is up to you be it they exist separately, that one universe ‘evolves’ into the other, that they are one and the same or however else you decide to handle it.

Some things to consider:
-If they comple...
Anita Blake • Responses [0] • Date Added [27 Nov 10]
Willow tends to have a thing for vengeance. The idea of this challenge, is that her thing for vengeance continues after death and Willow becomes a Dark Hunter. The time and reason of her death is up to you as is pretty much anything else in the story. Good luck.

An example: Perhaps when Warren’s stray bullet killed Tara, it also hit Willow. Before she died, Willow summoned Artemis and in exchange for an act of vengeance upon Warren, Willow gave the goddess her soul and became a Dark Hunter.
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This is a challenge that would cross the Buffy/Angelverse with Christine Feehan's Dark Series.

The Carpathians hear about or meet a vampire with a soul. The differences between the souled vampire and the Carpathians (including those that ‘turned’ are quite obvious, but this makes the Carpathians wonder if there is a way to return the soul to their brethren who ‘turned’ before they were able to find their life mate.

Perhaps the Carpathians seek out Willow, the only known living person to have returned a soul to a vampire against his will. (After all Angelus wouldn't h...
Literature > Fantasy > Author: Christine Feehan • Responses [0] • Date Added [11 Apr 07] • Date Updated [18 Nov 10]
This is a challenge that would cross the Buffy/Angelverse with Christine Feehan's Dark Series.

The Carpathians hear of a group of vampire hunters (be it a Slayer-Watcher team, the Fang Gang, the Scoobies, or the Slayers-In-Training). Not realizing that there are another species of vampires, the Carpathians naturally assume that the vampire hunters are humans hunting down their kind and want to stop it. What happens when the vampire hunters meet the Carpathians and both groups learn there are different kinds of blood suckers out there?

You could also use a vampire hunting per...
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Many times; to add depth to a world authors, writers, producers, etc. create objects that are basically decorations. This challenge is fairly simple, in that you take such an object and make it into something more. The object can be either from somewhere in Buffy or in the crossover world and the ‘something more’ must apply to the opposite group (So if the object is in the crossover then it must be something important to the Buffy-verse, or if the object is in Buffy then it must be important to the crossover-verse.)

A couple of examples:
--Perhaps a display item in the Magic ...
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This is a challenge that would cross the Buffy/Angelverse with Christine Feehan's Dark Series. The Carpathians are basically a race of souled vampires with a bunch of special abilities and an outdated chauvinistic view where the females must be protected and cherished. On the other hand, the females of the Buffy/Angelverse are usually strong and independent minded.

This challenge is to have one of the females from the Buffy/Angelverse to be the lifemate of a Carpathian. How does the female take this? What trouble does the Carpathian have? How does the Carpathian male deal with a fema...
Literature > Fantasy > Author: Christine Feehan • Responses [1] • Date Added [18 Sep 06] • Date Updated [10 Feb 10]
Scenario: Some one from the Jossverse gets a job or an internship at the Jeffersonian Institution. Obviously they’ve been keeping their nightlife a secret, but one day the FBI calls them in for a particularly unusual crime scene and when usual methods fail, the Jossverse character attempts to identify a demonic cause.

The Jossverse character can be anyone; although Connor, Dawn Willow or one of the SITs come to mind.
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There are some very beautiful and intresting peices of fan art. Some of them may be based on a fic but many are not. My challenge to you is to write a fic based upon one of the the pictures. Or if you are not much of a writer, try your hand at making an image based upon your favorite scene of a fic.
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I thought it would be intresting to see some fics where the reason the scoobie gang meet Anita Blake and her friends, would be because of a prophecy. The Mother of All Darkness seems to be someone that there would be a prophecy about so I chose her as the subject. The prophecy might be able to be used for another crossover with some alterations though, and if you wish to do such, feel free to

When the Sweet Darkness awakens,
Two worlds collide…
And in a tangled web;
The last of the Chosen,
A triumvirate of power,
A flame touched by darkness,
A soul baptized i...
Anita Blake • Responses [1] • Date Added [29 Jan 05] • Date Updated [1 Mar 07]
What if Vampire!Willow and/or Vampiter!Xander from the Wishverse found themselves in the Anita Blake universe? I don’t think I’ve seen any fics where either VampWillow or VampXander from the wishverse enter the Anita Blake universe and think it would be kind of interesting to see them interact. What would happen if VampWillow got a hold of Nathanial? Or perhaps it would be interesting to see how Anita reacts to the ‘day walking’ vampires?
Anita Blake • Responses [0] • Date Added [15 Jan 05] • Date Updated [1 Mar 07]