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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
Rules for Challenges

Author belgintei

Beware a mother's protection.

Halloween challenge

We all hear how daughters are suppose to borrow their mother's clothes etc. Well this is the reverse:

Joyce is in town for the Halloween episode (was she out of town?) anyway, she gets a costume from Ethan's and borrows something of Buffy's to make the effect just right! Your choice of what!

When the spell takes effect the Hellmouth being the Hellmouth it twists it, Joyce becomes Buffy with her slayer abilities.

Must haves:

Joyce as Buffy freaking out that she is in her mother's body.
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What effect would it have to any of the Buffy seasons, if Flashforward happened on the Hellmouth:-

Would Joyce be saved? What effect would that have on season 5?

What if the gang found out about the mayor earlier?

Or what happened in the final battle with Glory?

The possibilities are endless!

But let's twist it a little!

One, No supernatural being with the exception of the slayers - because of their dreams, are affected by the six mouth leap.

Two, All original characters to that season must be in the story.

Three, Crossove...
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Challenge: In search of a sister

Crossover: Buffy/Charmed.

After buying season eight of charmed it occurred to me that although there seem to be stories of Buffy being related to the charmed ones there does not seem any where she is related to Billie?

So the challenge is as follows:

Buffy is Billie’s long lost sister - It was the Council that took her not a demon. While they attempted to transport her from the US to the UK they somehow lost her in LA (How is up to you). Because Buffy was so old when she was taken, a spell was cast on her so that she could ...
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There are lots of challenges on here that revolve around Jack (or even Daniel) finding out that Buffy is his daughter after Joyce dies... Okay so there are not that many!

My challenge is have Jack (or Daniel if you like) find out that she is his daughter while Joyce is still alive.

Must have:

Other than possibly Joyce and Jack (Daniel) must be canon pairings in whatever season of Buffy you choose.

The original SG-1 team.

If set around the early seasons of Buffy, Joyce must have found out her daughter is the Slayer.

Jack and Xander bonding i...
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Buffy/Gilmore Girls crossover.

After the fight with the Mayor, Willow changes her mind and goes to Yale instead of UC Sunnydale. Because of the discrepancy in the seasons of Buffy and Gilmore Girls, you will have to move one or the other to coincide so that Willow and Rory start at the same time.

Musts: Willow, Rory, and Paris sharing a dorm (I would prefer the other roommate to be Janet rather than Tanna but your choice).

The other three girls finding out Willow is a witch as well as what goes bump in the night, bonus points if it is in a funny way.

Paris a...
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Faith Challenge

Detective Stein smiled as the girl Faith Spencer was led into the courtroom for her arraignment. “Judge Geoffreys this is case 714 on the calendar of the State of California vs. Spencer on two charges of murder in the first degree, one murder in the second degree and twelve counts of assault in the first degree,” announced the clerk of the court.

“How do you plead?” asked Judge Geoffreys.

“My client pleads not guilty your honour,” said a short plump man rising and coming forward. “Further I move for all charges to be dismissed on the gro...
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After having to endure yet another episode of wife swap on the TV this came to me.
Let's have Joyce signing up for the all new TV show Single Parent Swap!
Across the country just for the hell of annoying her mother Lorelai Gilmore sends her name in. And surprise, surprise they get to swap! (If you want to change Lorelai for someone else by all means do so but I cannot picture anyone else myself!)

Must be set before Joyce found out about Buffy being the Slayer.
Lorelai catching Buffy coming through the window from patrol.
Joyce having Friday dinner with the G...
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