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Author ashez

Put a BTVS character into a movie/tv show/book etc that they HATE. The author of this fic doesn't have to hate the crossover series. This isn't about bashing. It's about tormenting your favorite characters in an amusing way. The BTVS character themselves have to hate the book/movie/etc before they're thrown into its dimension.
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I'd like to see a Once Upon a Time Crossover where Xander is Snow White and Prince Charming's son. Either he takes Emma's place in the story, or he's her twin brother.
Television > Other-Drama Shows • Responses [0] • Date Added [6 Jun 12]
So, in Farscape humans are kind of lame right?

... or are they?

For some reason, the bad guys of the series come to Earth to conqueor/destory it. Only they find out its full of women who can set people on fire with their minds, strange super strong humans with odd teeth, deminsional vortex, etc... Not so lame after all.

Bonus points if John is around and tries to be smug about it.
Television > Farscape • Responses [0] • Date Added [21 Aug 11]
Nikola Tesla more than two decades before stole some of Helen Magnus's genetic material in order to give himself a son... a super powered vampire son.

Unfortuantly, he got Xander instead. A perfectly normal boy. He gives the child up for adoption and put the whole project off as a wash... and forgets about it.

Until Helen Magnus finds out.
Television > Sanctuary • Responses [1] • Date Added [10 Jul 11]
Write a story where Xander finds out his dad is (or was) Ted Kord, the DC universe's second Blue Beetle.
Comics • Responses [0] • Date Added [25 Jan 09]
Crossover with: Marvel Comics
Timeline: Any
Type: Xander's Real Family Challenge

Xander knew his mother had bad taste, but he vastly underestimated HOW BAD her taste in men really was. But hey, after you look past the horrible skin, constant banter, insanity, homicidal leanings, and off color pop culture references he's really not that bad.... right?

Write a fanfic where Xander finds out his Dad is really the mercenary for hire Deadpool.

Bonus points if Xander's mom says she slept with Wade because Wade made himself look like Harrison Ford.
Marvel Universe > Deadpool • Responses [0] • Date Added [3 Feb 08] • Date Updated [9 Jul 11]
Write a crossover between the television series Special Unit 2 and BTVS.

Should Be:
1. Xander Centric
2. Not have Xander slashed
3. Involve Xander being recruited into Special Unit 2. Season Four would be easiest to set this in, but feel free to be creative.
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Write a fic where Xander is Mulder and Scully's child William who they gave up for adoption in the later seasons. You might have to rearrange timelines to make it work or involve time travel.

Follow these guidelines
1. No slash
2. Can take place in any BTVS season
3. At least ten increasingly unlikely 'Gangs on PCP' excuses
4. Include this line somewhere in the fic "They really should put pants on that monkey."
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