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Author winterd

What if Buffy (and I suppose by extention Dawn) turns out to be Tony's long lost sister(s)? That's pretty much it, though I do have some suggestions. Maybe Tony Senior had another family and never told either that the other existed. Maybe after his wife's death, Tony's dad was overwhelmed by the thought of having a six-year-old and a baby, so he decided to let the baby be adopted. Maybe was kidnapped as a child and doesn't remember her real brother and father. Whatever the writer decides.
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Sometime before Harry receives his letter to Hogwarts, the Dursley’s decide to get as far away from magic they could; so Vernon accepts a position with a different company in Sunnydale, California. They think that it’s just another normal little town and that all that magical business is now far behind them.

Years later, Harry is now attended Sunnydale High. He is roughly the same age as Buffy and the others, so he would most likely be in the same grade as them. Maybe he is one of the Scoobies or maybe he’s just someone on the outside -- like Jonathan -- that they all know. ...
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X-over with Sherlock Holmes 2009. Contains spoilers.

Lots of strange things seemed to have happened in London in the late 1800s. A man who never ages thanks to a portrait of himself, the strange case of a doctor who completely changed himself into a monstrous, murderous beast, and the supposed case of a man who turned himself invisible. Sherlock Holmes, of course, dismisses this as all nonsense. There was no such thing as magic, or such hooky science for that matter. The whole business with Lord Blackwood just proved that there was no such thing.

But what if it didn...
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x-over with Doctor Who

What if "School Reunion", an episode from S/2 of Doctor Who, took place in Sunnydale High? What if, instead of becoming the headmaster of the school, Mr. Finch simply pretended to be Giles. Would the Scoobies notice that Giles is acting weird? Or, worse yet, what's the Doctor and Rose going to do when they show up and realize that Mr. Finch has a Slayer under his control? And what happened to Giles?

Adding the line "You mean Giles is batman?"
Dr. Who/Torchwood > General • Responses [1] • Date Added [28 Oct 07] • Date Updated [21 Jan 10]
A couple of Plot Bunnies of a BtVS/PotC x-over. Warning, second challenge will contain spoilers for AWE.

Challenge One, The Halloween Dress Challenge

In S/2, Buffy’s Halloween costume changes her into a Lady from the 1700s (1775 to be exact). What if, instead, Lady Buffy came from the 1720s and the Caribbean and she and Buffy actually switched places. So Buffy’s actually stuck in the 1720s in the Port Royal, Jamaica. Maybe she’s there for her cousin’s wedding, that is so rudely interrupted by the East India Trading Company and she now has to help said cousin’s f...
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A popular way to do crossovers has always been the long lost parents, which are fun to do. This challenge is to do just that, but in a more 'talk show' kind of way.

Basically, your challenge is to take one character from the Buffyverse, one male character from at least three or more different fandoms (Stargate, Law and Order, Supernatural, Harry Potter, Scrubs, or whatever you want) and put them on a talk show so they can find out who fathered the Buffyverse character.

Example would be like Xander taking Jack O'Neil, Remus Lupin, and Dr. Cox on a talk show to find out wh...
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About two years after the Sunnydale Hellmouth was closed, Giles decides that the supposedly inactive rift in Cardiff, which only occasionally acts up, needs to be guarded. Since its supposed to be a quiet, easy job worthy of retirement, Buffy volunteers. It isn’t until after she’s been there for awhile that she realizes that this quiet, easy job isn’t that at all and that the Watchers Council isn’t the only ones interested in the rift.

Would like to see some real tension between the Watchers Council and Torchwood, as well as Torchwood being relatively ignorant to what the C...
Dr. Who/Torchwood > Buffy-Centered • Responses [1] • Date Added [26 Oct 06] • Date Updated [21 Jan 10]
The Dursleys aren't stupid. They know that anyone who is around the baby Harry Potter for too long is bound to get 'blown up'. So, they do the only thing they can think of, they ditch him in LA while their on a family vacation. Lucky for baby Harry, the PTB are looking out for him and he gets adopted into the family where the Powers feel he will be the protected until it's time for him to fulfill his destiny. So, congratulations Buffy, you've got a new baby brother to protect.

It isn't until at least fourteen years later, when Harry is sixteen, does Dumbledore and the others disco...
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Everyone thinks that Det. Bobby Goren’s mom is schizophrenic, but everyone is wrong. She’s actually a pretty powerful seer who has gotten trapped in her visions (like Cordelia did at the end of Angel S/1). The Watcher Council knows this and has somebody on the staff in the mental hospital she lives in so they can look out for any visions she might tell about that are important. One day after her recent psychotic break, she starts to scream about demons ritualistically killing people to bring forth ‘the devil’ (i.e. a hell god, preferably a high ranking one). The informant calls the...
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