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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author PhoenixRae

Write a fic based on this lyric from Jordin Sparks' "Tattoo"

If I live every moment
Won't change any moment
Still a part of me and you
I will never regret you
Still the memory of you
Marks everything I do

Pair any one of the FEMALES from either BtVS or AtS with any xover male from the "suggested" fandoms (if you don't like any of the fandoms listed, you can use any xover male of your own choosing):
• Roswell • Gilmore Girls • Smallville ...
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Write a fic/story using the element of this part of the lyrics from Tattoo by Jordin Sparks (I'm currently in love with this song and getting ideas for fics!):

No matter what you say about love
I keep coming back for more
Keep my hand in the fire
Sooner or later, I'll get what I'm asking for...

= this can be a BtVS/AtS xover with any fandoms or two entirely DIFFERENT fandoms crossed-over with one another (I am not that picky)

= one-shot fics is okay, but a chaptered fic would be even better

= the story can be angsty with a sad ending OR you can t...
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PAIRING: Any STRONG female character from any fandom of author's choice paired up with any BAD BOY (or close to it anyway) male character from any fandom of author's choice

FIC LENGTH & RATING: Author's choice, but I'd love to see this as more than just a one-shot if possible. If author can write a one-shot that will have the element of the fic requirements, I'll give 'em uber props! As for the rating...I'd prefer it to be in the margin of an FR13 - FR18; nothing FR21 unless author can fully justify as to WHY he/she is writing that kinda fic

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Pairing: Faith/Bruce Wayne

Challenge Overview:
Faith finds herself in Gotham City (please make her reason for being in Gotham a plausible one but not too cliched). She wants to have a clean slate & applies for a job at Wayne Enterprise for any available job position.

Faith's Job Preferences:
= Temporary relief as Bruce's assistant
= Head of Security or Part of the Security Team
= Bruce's Personal Bodyguard
= Any job position that will allow Faith & Bruce to interact with each other a lot

Bruce notices Faith's uniqueness & is drawn to...
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