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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author Mackon

During the divorce Joyce Summers finds out that Hank is infertile and realises that Buffy's father must have been that crazy guy she'd dated just before she'd met Hank Summers dum dum DUM! Burt Gummer! Joyce writes him just as a FYI no strings attached.

Burt's wife has just left him after the events of the first film and he's faced with rebuilding his destroyed bunker when he gets the letter(It takes quite awhile to track the man down even for the Post Office), he soon heads off to Sunnydale to get a look at this daughter of his.

Burt being Burt does not miss all the weirdnes...
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One day in a cave on Pylea Winifred Burkle (who's quite quite mad) is working on portal mathematics when she sees a new possibility in the numbers and goes off on a tangent.

Meanwhile in a startling coincidence a long long looong way away, on the Leviathan Moya. John Crichton (who's crazy insane) is working on wormhole calculations when a slightly different approach occurs to him, it probably isn't anything useful, but John has a go anyway.

It says something about our two hero's normal daily lives that nether is particularly surprised when a big blue w...
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BtVS crossover with a combined Enterprise/TNG Star Trek Universe

Tara, Willow & Anya do a small spell, a nothing really. The Witchy version of crossing your fingers and knocking on wood, just hoping to arrange some good Luck because it looks like they could use some! The Scoobies are having a hard time with Glory and the three witches feel that a little Luck certainly couldn’t hurt.

Unfortunately this is a great opportunity for the malicious energies of the Hellmouth to really mess things up. A spell that at its most powerful was designed to lightly influence an enemy t...
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Jonathan Levinson doesn't die when he's sacrificed on the Hellmouth but instead gets dumped in Harry Potter land.

Pairing is Jonathan/Susan Bones
Jonathan doesn't join the golden trio or the order of the Phoenix and doesn't really full under Dumbledore's influence, although this shouldn't be a particularly anti Dumbledore fic it just that Jonathan is allied with Amelia Bones.

Jonathan arrives in the HPverse during the assassination attempt on the Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement in time to save Amelia's life then goes on to make a positive difference in ...
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Joyce Summers decides to get into the spirit of things on that fateful Halloween.

A reddish purple wig and a few bits of costume jewelry from the new shop Ethans and Buffy's mom is a Goa'uld Queen for the night.

Joyce Summers dresses as Hathor for Halloween.

Joyce retains full memory, ability's and technical skill from her time as a Goa'uld but the pre-Halloween personality is the only one who wakes up the next morning.
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After Maggie Walsh gets her video footage of Buffy in action one of Seth's worshipper who's infiltrated the NID for his master, steals the tape and takes it to Seth's compound. Seth decides a Slayer would be the perfect body for either himself or one of his servant Goa'uld he's had in storage since RA left Earth.

Buffy needs to fight the possession and become dominate or even destroy the Goa'uld but keep a good understanding of technology and take a new slant using her new knowledge on her slayer duties.

Set before S30E02 "Seth" in Stargate and after S04E13 "The I in Team" in...
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