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Author Dezi


Couple: Buffy/Alec

Rating: Adult/F21

Idea: Buffy is really an X5, when the Scooby Gang and Potentials kick Buffy out she’s kidnapped by Renfro’s men. While being held up in Seattle, Alec is placed as Buffy’s breeding partner.

Must Have

-Angel coming to Sunnydale, going to the Summers home (w/ or w/o the AI team in tow) he stays to help with he is told Buffy was kicked out, and now they have no idea where she is, after a certain point the trail got cold.

-Buffy and Spike are friends/he didn’t try to rape her in ‘Seeing Re...
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Couple: Buffy/Angel or Booth/Buffy

Rating: Mature or Adult

Summary: Buffy has become an FBI agent and works side by side with Seeley Booth.

Must Have

-Set a few years after ‘Chosen’.

-Buffy doesn’t really speak to the Scoobies much anymore at least part of the reason has to be because none of the group never apologized for kicking her out of her own house.

-Booth being a descendant of Angel’s.

-Angel at some point with some of the AI team and some of the Scoobies locate Buffy needing her help and ...
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BTVS/Smallville X-over

Couple: Buffy/Lex

Rating: preferably Adult but doesn't have to be

Summary: After Buffy gets kicked out of her home (during Season 7) she takes up residence in the Mansion (I mean come on it's there). While there (using a cell phone) she calls an old friend of hers Lex Luthor (author can decide how they know each other). After talking for a while with him he offers for her to stay with him in his mansion.

Must Have

-Lex knows Buffy's the Slayer and Buffy knows he knows.

-Buffy defeating the first and Caleb as well as...
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