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Author wargear

This one goes out to any 2000AD readers.

I'm asking for YAHF.

Xander goes dressed as Sláine, this can be from any point in Sláine's timeline, though better if after he has the blessing of Danu.

The aftermath, with Xander adopting Sláine's beliefs and connection with the natural world, is where the interesting stuff happens.
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Plot bunny wandered through my head...what if characters from another series/book/movie were visited by a Janus worshipping Chaos Mage and dressed up as the cast from Buffy the Vampire Slayer for Halloween.

I would prefer it to be season 7+ Buffy characters.
It should feature one or more of the "Buffy Cast" saying the line "Bloody Ethan Rayne".
The Janus worshipping Chaos Mage does not have to be Ethan Rayne, and can instead be a troublemaking member of the regular cast. (eg. Voldemort seeking power from Janus, inflicts enchanted costumes on the Hogwarts regulars)

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