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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author CrazyDan

Wreck-It Ralph/Tron Fusion that crosses over with Buffy.

Kevin Flynn's Arcade exists between Sunnydale and Los Angeles. Before he disappeared into the system in between Tron and Tron 2, He left a living will.

Part of that will was to ensure that the arcade was kept open and running smoothly. All games in the arcade were to be kept up and maintained on site.

New games were to be brought in when old ones finally died and destroyed.

This would add new programs to the closed system he'd set up in his arcade, giving the inner world he'd started making a chance t...
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I just finished watching 'Howard the Duck' on DVD. I'd forgotten what a great movie it is.

Here's the possible Scenario. The film took place in Cleveland Ohio. Howard and Beverly are hanging up their music act after a gradual decline in popularity since 1986 when the film came out.

They come back home to Cleveland and end up being Houseparents for Slayer Central.

They don't need to fight demons themselves though it would be funny to have Howard teach Buffy Quack-Fu since they are both so short.

Technically Howard the Duck belongs to Marvel Comics, but the M...
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What if Edward had raised a son before he met Donna and the kids in New Mexico? What if that son had disappeared one night when father and son came across a woman posessed by a first circle demon?

What would happen when Xander remembered his true father? How would he get 'home' and what had dropped him off in Sunnydale in the first place?

more importantly how are the others going to react to the heir of Death among them?

post Tabula Rasa season six, the breaking of the crystal gives Xander all of his memories back, from this dimension and his original one.
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