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Author tasuxeda

The Idea is that the gang dresses up for Halloween as some form of superhuman and retain powers afterwords, however they don't retain the powers their costumes had but gain their own superpower.

For example Xander dresses up as Wolverine for the night and afterwards discover he is still a mutant but has a completely different mutant power like controlling fire or size changing.
Multiple Crossings > General • Responses [1] • Date Added [17 Mar 14]
Xander ends up a goa'uld or a tok'ra for Halloween and afterwards he is left as a symbiote and a host pair but they are both still Xander.
Xander must retain the memories of the host and symbiote however the memories of the host will fade like in canon but not the symbiote's memories and the memories of the symbiote must change the Xander symbiote so if the Xander symbiote was goa'uld he must act more like a goa'uld and same if a tok'ra how much a change is up to you.
The symbiote must end up crossing over with Stargate as a goa'uld, tok'ra, or may favorites an individual party or a ...
Stargate > Xander-Centered > Theme: Halloween Memories • Responses [1] • Date Added [13 Jul 09] • Date Updated [17 Jan 10]
What if instead of the soldier Xander dressed as wolverine but someone else dressed up as wolverine too.

I would prefer if one was the comic wolverine and the movie wolverine but its up to you.

Both of them have to meet and start to fight and both have to keep their powers afterwords.
Marvel Universe > X-Men > Xander-Centered • Responses [0] • Date Added [7 May 09] • Date Updated [17 Jan 10]
A Halloween fic Xander decides to go as Alexander the Great but in one of the early episodes of Smallville we see a breastplate belonging to Alexander the Great with the superman shield symbol. what if he was one of Clark's ancestors and when Ethan's spell ends Xander is left with memory's and kryptonian powers. Xander has to go to Smallville at some point when is up to you it could be anywhere from season 1 to season 7 for any reason from Xander's road trip to him hearing kryptonian technology beacon.
Smallville > Xander-Centered • Responses [0] • Date Added [22 May 08] • Date Updated [17 Jan 10]
Xander gets an Avatar costume for Halloween preferably not Aang but can if you want and because of the spiritual powers he retains the ability to bend all the elements but has only fuzzy memories of how to bend thus he has to chose which element he will learn firebending to make killing vamps easy or waterbending to help healing etc.
Cartoons > Avatar: the Last Airbender • Responses [0] • Date Added [31 Aug 07] • Date Updated [17 Jan 10]