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Author CallmemasterKent

Grey's Anatomy! yes I have a Grey's anatomy challenge.

So Some of our favorite people have managed to get themselves admitted to Seattle Grace

Well there are several ways they can be admitted and you can approach this but keep in mind it should be after Denny's death (so season three in Grey's) and Post Chosen in BTVS

You should have at least three but not more than six BTVS/Angel characters
Here are your need to haves
1. Buffy and Meredith comparing their love lives.
2. Christina trying to cut open someone (Vampire or Slayer your choice)
3. Faith...
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See that there title?

So you see the equation is as such: Mr. Monk plus a string of murders (or one murder whatever works best) times fine dust that is rather hard for him to explain. Equals your turn...ok so now you have to figure a way to tie Monk to Buffy and/or Angel and make it interesting

now for the bunnies
Monk organizing Buffy's weapons and dusting off Mr. Pointy.
Buffy drags Monk out of a vampire nest which he tries to clean.
Dawn gets a lesson in organization.
L. Randy Disher flirts with Faith (If it goes any farther is your choice)
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Yes BTVS and Phantom of the Opera!

Ok so it cannot be A.U. (I stress this! ) in the sense that said character(s) live(s) in that time or anything like that but there can be people who resemble other people (get my drift) so say if you were having say someone (Yes it can be anyone centric!) recognize people but they aren't, really them...ok so you get that.

Now the Bunnies are:
Phantom must have at least one kiss with said character.
Christine must be called ugly or annoying at least once.
And Raul's hair is shinier and silkier than someone else's ...there mus...
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