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Author gunsmith

Xander's always been a magnet to the opposite sex... be it demon, or otherwise. I posit a challenge where it goes one step further: a hot alien chick teacher from outer space that he accidentally marries! May multiple cross with others. Based on the anime, Onegai Teacher.
Anime • Responses [0] • Date Added [14 Apr 10]
Xander Harris becomes the ultimate Lawman for one night in Halloween, the aftermath of which will spur the Defender of Man to bring Law to a Lawless land as Judge Alexander Dredd.

- can be either movie-verse Judge Dredd or comic-verse Judge Dredd YAHF x-over, no slash other than cannon please.
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The multiple possessions Xander has had via Halloween and spells have nothing on a secret family legacy that have been passed down through the generations hidden in his genes. Activated much later in his life, the Dark angelic Phantom that lay dormant within him has awoken. Part Daring, Part Courage, Part mage, Part prankster/pervert/playboy, Part thief.... and part black-winged Angel - "Dark" has returned, and with it, Xander's destiny. X-over/fusion with anime DN Angel & maybe HP.
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Let the gods and goddesses AND the fates tremble! Xander goes as a "soldier' during Halloween - an anime character he mistook as Tenchi - unfortunately, the name tag on the costume's uniform read "Seina Yamada", Tenchi's sort of look-alike. Add in a multi-cross mayhem with SG1, and anything else that suit's your fancy. With his luck, in the end they'll all want to love him, or kill him, or BOTH.
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YAHF (with Spike). Even vampires aren't spared from a god's mischief when Dru manages to convince Spike to wear a Halloween costume during that fateful night. Spike was already an unusual vampire due to being more human-like in his emotions.... what happens when he becomes something more than neither the PTB or the First Evil or even Janus could have ever predicted: A true Champion - in the form of an immortal Dhampir daywalker, simply named "D" -- all thanks to a costume he got from Ethan, who just said it was just a "vampire costume" from a Japanese cartoon (ahem, anime). Spike should've r...
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YAHF (again)... Xander dresses as Lion-O from Thundercats for one night that changes him for the rest of his life and the Sword of Omens ends up becoming real in his hands. When the need is great for champions and he sends out the call, who will answer to the new king of the jungle?
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YAHF with a twist: change the Buffy timeline towards the present and have Xander be a WoW geek, dressed as a high level feral NE druid for Halloween... and gets stuck that way and keeps all abilities and powers inherent with that class and character - including professions like in the game (your pick of alchemy, herbalism, enchanting, etc....)
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Xander is born, Xander grows up, Xander meets buffy, Xander chooses to fight the darkness, Xander dies....... ........Xander is reborn as The Spirit. Xander keeps on fighting the darkness.

The Spirit.... Based on the comic character created by Will Eisner (with a supernatural twist if you add Buffy elements)
Multiple Crossings • Responses [0] • Date Added [27 Sep 08]
Based on the movie "Hancock".... what if "Xander" is hiding a secret? What if his name is EXACTLY what he is? What if it is time for him to stop hiding and become what he is meant to be?

- no slash allowed except for canon (Willow/Tara, etc.)
- may be part of Marvel or DC...
- may be with Stargate SG1 or Stargate Atlantis
- may cross with Heroes, etc.
- may be a one-crossover and simply have him as someone who forgot who he is like Hancock
- maybe Ilyria knows him, maybe even wants him now that the former king is now female via Fred and/or he defeated Ilyria and w...
Multiple Crossings • Responses [1] • Date Added [22 Sep 08]
Xander is the long lost and forgotten son of the Joker. Set before the Clown Prince of Crime's appearance. Before the Joker's own madness completely engulfs him, he gives up his son for adoption to spare him from what he will become. Fast forward years later, while trying to exorcise the Hyena Primal from Xander, the spirit instead merges with him and really brings out his wild-boy tendencies.... he goes bad in a good way and becomes a hero instead..... driving his real dad (when he finds out) and the rest of the costumed community - good and bad alike - up the wall with his literally insane ...
Multiple Crossings • Responses [1] • Date Added [3 Jul 08]
Xander dresses as Tony Stark/Iron Man from the comic books in his collection on Halloween, keeps memories/genius level intellect -- the type of genius level intellect that garners the attention of the SGC recruiters.
Stargate • Responses [1] • Date Added [8 May 08] • Date Updated [9 May 08]
YAHF type fic -- Xander is an anime and manga geek, but Xander still goes as a soldier; but not just any typical soldier -- he either goes as Heero Yuy from Gundam Wing or Sousuke Sagara from Full Metal Panic! -- but with his own twist of them having knowledge of the supernatural also ingrained into their mission specialization. Pity Snyder when he pisses the "perfect" soldier off. Can be multi-crossover with SG1 and or any fandom to suit your taste.

Another option is if he went as assassin/combat veteran Duo Maxwell (also from Gundam Wing) and really IS a shinigami (God of Death) i...
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