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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author ThExMaDxHaTtEr

Willow didn't quite understand the spell that called all Slayers.

When it said all in the world, it really meant across the multi-verse. So anything vaguely similar world, Slayers would be called. Suddenly gathering and training all the Slayers suddenly seemed like a very big challenge indeed.

I wish this to be a collection of ficlets that might inspire longer fan fictions. I want 10 Slayers that haven't yet been featured on TTH yet in this collection, so that means thinking a little outside of the box.

This thought was coming to me as I finished off the Jackie Ch...
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The members of the Dark Order have encountered many things before. What they haven't experienced is the person with the power to end the world with their own hands and who brought a woman back to life-with her soul and body intact. Quite obviously, she attracts the attention of pretty much everyone.

Too bad for the Millennium Earl, she ends up (more like falls) into one hammer wielding Red-head's arm. She's quite unconscious and completely drained of energy, she's almost barely alive. Our favorite balancing demon pays the two a visit and chaos certainly ensues. After they learn that ...
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