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Author Damia

Anya died a hero, but she also died still needing to make up for a lot of things she'd done as a demon. Due to these facts the Powers That Be decided that our favorite former demon would be put to work in another dimension that had need of champions, or at least an assistant for a current champion.

Another option is that Anya didn't die, something pulled her out of the building on the brink of death before the town collapsed. Where would she have gone? What would she have done?

- Anya's personality cannot be changed (some of you may think this is obvious, ...
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Any Scooby or Fang Gang member!!

Somehow a member from the BtVS Universe crosses over into the Primeval Universe, maybe a portal or spell gone wrong that collides with an Anomaly and screws everything up. They get trapped in the Primeval Universe, but end up joining the Anomaly Team (First or Second Season Preferably.)

Kudos For These
- Abby and Stephen Together
- Stephen Not Dying
- Cordelia, Fred, or Anya as the Crossover member
- Connor getting a Girlfriend

Please None of These
- Helen as a misunderstood Good Guy
- Stephen Dying...
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What if in the episode "Helpless" Buffy lost her powers for good?

Something in the potion for the cruciamentum is messed up and somehow Buffy loses her powers for good.

The episode goes on as usual, with Buffy kicking butt and taking names. However, what's a slayer to do without her powers? Where does she go? Will she keep up the good fight? Whether she gets her powers back somehow or gains new ones is up to you.

Would Love To See Some Of These:
- Buffy re-learning everything she thought she knew
- Giles and Joyce get together, though that's obviously opti...
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Alright, for those who watched last friday night as Joss Whedon once again struck gold, I applaud. the Dollhouse.

That's right, a crossover with another Whedonverse. You can have Echo be Faith, or she can be Faith's long lost twin, cousin, or something completely different. Maybe she has nothing to do with Faith. Maybe Riley Finn or Angel or someone else is investigating the Dollhouse and spotted Echo, who looks an awful lot like the Last of the Chosen.

Remember, whoever Echo was in the beginning (I believe Caroline?) she's running from a past she doesn't want to see every da...
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True Blood Crossover

What if the Vampires came 'out of the coffin' because of the sudden influx of Slayers in the world?
What do Vampires fear? The Slayer. Imagine somehow Faith ends up in Louisiana, or maybe Buffy? One of the Mini's?

That's the gist of things. You can have the slayers hiding or out in the open now. You can have basically whatever you want. I just kept having that one thought.

Some Fun Ideas:
Eric the Vampire intrigued by a Slayer
Dawn and Tara arguing
Faith and Lafayette flirting and causing ... something (don't you dare put them to...
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Willow as the younger cousin of Pepper Potts. After the results of 'Hanzel and Gretel' Willow is removed from her parent's rather dubious custody. No one in her family really needed a super-smart socially-retarded teen, nor did they want one. At least with the exception of Pepper Potts, personal assistant to Tony Stark. She takes in Willow, as such Tony ends up noticing her as well.

- Willow is a genius who was being wooed, while still in high school!, by computer moguls. She must be completely intelligent
- Tony getting a soft spot for Willow

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Cordelia Chase was not inhabiting her body during the whole 'evil Cordy' debacle. No, the powers that be, being the irritatingly oppressive managers of balance that they are, allowed her body to be inhabited by evil. Leave the higher plane to help the good, get sucked out of the lower plane to even out the bad.

The Powers that be can't have Cordelia off doing her own thing again, leaving her duties to help out Angel and his crew, and they need all the white-hats they can get. So Cordelia is being given another chance. A chance to help others with her visions. She's being sent to an a...
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A Buffy and Bones Crossover

Dawn has graduated Oxfard and is now an intern trying to gain her doctorate in Forensic Anthropology. Now that Zach Addy is a full team member and no longer an assistant, the Director of the Jeffersonian has decided that an intern, especially one with political ties like Dawn Summers has, would be good for Dr. Brennan.
(Alternately it would be interesting if she was trying to gain her doctorate in Entomology and interning under Hodgins. Bug and Slime girl would likely appeal to Dawn in many strange ways. Demons being slimy and often having exoskeletons...
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Basic Idea -
Serenity takes place in an alternate future for BtVS.
River is a Slayer. Slayers for the most part, are killed off while fighting Reevers anymore, and there aren't a whole lot of them to begin with. Watchers were wiped out once and for all.
The real reason people left earth was because 200 years after the first fought in Sunnydale, he came back and won. Humans scattered, taking technology with them. Demons can't handle space travel, which is why they never showed up anywhere else.
Because of Rivers intelligence, strength and her precog and re...
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Does everyone remember Kendra, the slayer that Spike killed at the end of the second BtVS season? What about Kendra, the beautiful and mysterious woman from SG-1's first season, on the planet of Cimmeria. My challenge is for someone to come up with a feasible reason for these two to be one in the same.
Rules -
1 - Kendra cannot have memory loss. She says in SG-1 (season 1, episode 8) that she remebers everything from her past.
2 - She is still a slayer, no matter that she also has powers of healing
3 - Somehow the SGC must discover that she is originally from Earth
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