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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
Rules for Challenges

Author jrabbit

A few years back we had the rather popular To Boldly Go challenge, where we asked you to write in a fandom where no-one had written before.

This time around, we're going to narrow the field a little, and your challenge is to write a fic that crosses over with one of the IMDb Top 250 Movies of all time, but one with which we don't already have a crossover fic posted to the site.
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No, it's nothing to do with pizza! The challenge is to build the longest chain of stories using open FFA entries where the character from the previous pairing participates in the next without a) repeating a character or b) using a pairing you nominated yourself. Hint: use the search box on the Fic-for-all page to find all pairings for a crossover character.

e.g. If your first story was Buffy / Daniel Jackson then your second could be Daniel Jackson / Dawn and your third Dawn / Harry Potter etc.
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I can't believe I'm posting this as an official site challenge, but then again, I can't believe a throwaway comment in a forum thread got any responses. So: character bashing - normally we abhor it, but trying to bash a character that doesn't speak is not easy. Trying to bash a character that doesn't speak and is an extremely cute kitten is even less easy. Trying to bash a character that doesn't speak, is an extremely cute kitten and has 'fantastico' in her name... now that takes some serious writing skill. Will you pull it off, or just become another name on the list of failed kitten-bashers?
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Willy's got a problem, and no one else can help. See, this local gangland bigwig - calls herself the slayer - keeps trashing his bar, and it's running him out of business. And local police? Every time he calls them over to report it, they just keep asking him if he's supplying PCP to his customers.

So the question you, the author, have to ask yourself is: what can you weld that will stop a slayer?
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The events on the Hellmouth (which events are up to you) have attracted the attention of the Ministry of Magic. Desperate for information, they kidnap an unsuspecting native of Sunnydale for a little while and send in everyone's favourite doppelganger as an undercover agent to find out what's going on.


1. Tonks must take over the identity of a human member of the supporting cast - of either sex - not a main cast member.
2. No BtVS characters or entities have any prior knowledge of the wizarding world
3. No need to try and match time lines between HP and ...
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September... the final fandom. These are the stories of the website Twisting the Hellmouth. Your thirty day mission: to explore strange new worlds; to seek out new characters and new civilizations; to boldly go where no author has gone before!

Your challenge this month is a simple one, or so it seems at first: write something in a fandom that has not already appeared on the site. However, the challenging part is that you have to find something that *isn't* obscure – find that mainstream crossover that everybody has seen/heard/read, but we've somehow collectively overlooked. Your rea...
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Double the pleasure, baby, triple the fun!

To mark the addition of co-authors feature to the site, we challenge you to team up with a friend to write a first person story with chapters from alternating viewpoints. Pick a crossover pairing, then one of you writes a chapter from the BtVS character's perspective, and the other follows it up with a chapter from the Crossover character's point of view.

Whether you tell each other in advance what you are going to write... that's up to you ;)
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In memory of Andy Hallett who played Lorne, and who sadly passed away this week, we present the Karaoke Challenge.

Write a short story about the crossover character of your choice visiting Caritas to sing, the subsequent reading they receive, and its consequences.
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'Tis that time of the year again. We all know the standard YAHF formula: Scoobies dress up in enchanted costumes, the statue gets broken, and the personality/powers/skills of the character they dressed as are retained the next morning. Been there, done that, t-shirt obtained.

Well this year, let's take a look at things from the other side. How does the 'character they went as' cope with waking up the next morning with the strength of a slayer, the power of magic, or an inexplicable craving for twinkies? Your challenge this All Hallows' Eve is to tell us how the other half lives...
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This one is simple:

- One of your characters should have a plan
- Said plan should reach a sucessful conclusion
- This event should instil a feeling of great satisfaction in the character
- The character should make this fact known to those around them

Can be a crossover with anything *except* the A-Team, and "I love it when a plan comes together" should be the last line of your story.
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This challenge is to list the responses to the Spring BtVS / Stargate fic-a-thon.
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Write a crossover with any Show, Film or Book that you haven't seen/read, and use other people's fanfic as your only reference material about that genre.


- Be a serious attempt at writing a good story, not (intentional) Crack!Fic.

Must Not

- Be from a genre that already has 100 or more fics at TtH (e.g. Harry Potter, Stargate, etc.).
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Since just about everyone else in fandom has held the infamous position at hogwarts in some tale or other, I think it's time you gave Clem his shot!

Crackfic or serious responses welcome.
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Ok, something a little bit different this time - a crossover fanart challenge.

What would your favourite Buffyverse characters look like if they were to appear in an episode of The Simpsons? The challenge is to draw them springfield-style. Bonus points if we can work out who it's supposed to be without being told ;) Extra bonus points for drawing a comic scene and not just the person.
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A group of assorted Scoobies find themselves in Middle Earth long before the Fellowship is formed and stumble across the ring of power. Not knowing better one of them picks it up and puts it on, giving Mr. Sauron an early alarm call.

- The story can be set before or after The Hobbit but should be before LotR which will no longer happen.

- No "Hello person I've never met before - for some strange reason I feel compelled to trust you implicitly". This includes Scoobies meeting Middle Earth natives, and natives who would be strangers at this point in time ...
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