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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author Laney

This plot bunny hit me last night and there's no way I think I'll be able to pursue it, so it's open for anyone interested.

This idea is based on the events in Welcome to the Hellmouth going differently. Xander didn't overhear Buffy and Giles talking in the library and never learned that she was the Slayer. Buffy also didn't go to the Bronze the night both Willow and Jesse were taken as the Masters' snacks. Both Willow and Jesse are taken and killed (not vamped, not negotiable). Xander witnesses the vamps killing them and learns about the supernatural that way.

The res...
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This challenge is based around the season 3 episode 18 "Earshot".

Buffy was never cured from the telepathic ability she inherited from the demon and, in a desperate attempt to save her from insanity, Giles and Joyce sent Buffy away to a location remote enough from humans for her to live almost normally.

Jump to three, five or even seven years later (how long is up to the writer). Buffy is still living in isolation and Giles was never able to find a cure (for argument's sake, the second demon was never found). Buffy keeps in touch with her friends via technology and when t...
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