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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author Sky

-Daisuke's class is get to Sunnydale for a 'Field Trip'.
-Dark is to steal a painting from Joyce's Gallery.
-Buffy finds Dark and makes sarcastic remarks of his 'dyed hair' and of his flirts with her.
-Satoshi ends up in a graveyard, about to be attacked by vampires & is saved by Xander.
-Xander finds out about Krad and casually remarks about his own possesions.

Feel free to make this a full-fledged fanfic or add anything else in.
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Crossover with Fruits Basket.


-Xander finds out his real family is the Sohmas.
-Akito, the Head of the Sohma House orders certain people (your choice is who) to go to the Hellmouth to collect Xander and bring him back to Japan.
-Xander has to decide what he wants to do as the Sohmas try to force him to go with them.
-Xander explains the demon world to the Sohma family.

Whether the family curse affects Xander or he turns into one of the zodiac is your choice.
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