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Author Celi

Okay, so we all know that Anyanka was a thousand years old and started off as Aud in some little fishing town or something. Then became a vengeance demon and then a human again in good ole Sunnyhell.

In the Anita Blake world Damien is a thousand years old and was a Viking. Ever wonder if maybe they knew each other before she became a demon and he became a vampire?

I want to see a story where they meet up after all these years. There can be romance or friendship or even dislike. They could have been engaged or related or just friends. Whatever, but they have to have known each...
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Have you ever wondered what would happen to a certain little key should she ever spill a couple drops of blood in the wrong place? If she were to be spirited away to a world where lycanthropes and *good* vampires were known to the public? If she ran across a city called St Louis?

A Buffy/Anita Blake cross with Dawn as the main character. I want to see her interacting with the leopards, the wolves and the vampires. I'd like a pairing with Nathaniel or Gregory but it's up to you.

Good luck!
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My challenge includes a buffy or angel crossover with Anita Blake. I have a really vague idea of a really specific scenario. I want a meeting between (Dawn, Tara, Fred or Cordy) and (Jason, Nathaniel or Asher) that lasts at least five hundred words. It must include:

-someone accidentally hitting another
-the phrase 'wouldn't that look some damn good...'
-awkward flirting
-an unprompted confession


-a drunk man in a dress

(Try to include two points at least)
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