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Author rutterla

I would like to see someone write a Buffy/Revolution crossover where Buffy is in the States checking something out and the rest are in England when the power goes out. She's kind of like Maggie trying to find a way back to her family but unable to do so. She ends up meeting Miles and Bass and sticks with them for awhile teaching them how to use swords and crossbows. She sees that Bass is turning into someone else and ends up talking Miles into leaving with her and they both end up in Chicago where Charlie eventually meets up. Could be a Miles/Buffy fic or they could be just good friends. H...
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BTVS/Sanctuary crossover

Dr. Helen Magnus offers sanctuary to those beings who want it or need it. Some are very dangerous and some are not. What if after Buffy sends Angel to a hell at the end of Season two, she runs into Dr. Magnus in L.A. and Helen offers Buffy sanctuary. Buffy goes with her and helps her with her work in capturing beings and helping her train her daughter Ashley. Also Helen helps Buffy in dealing with her guilt and sadness of losing Angel. You can have it totally AU where Buffy stays with Helen and Ashley or you can have Buffy going back to Sunnydale like she...
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BtVS/New Amsterdam

Yes you are correct, this is another Buffy's real family challenge. What if Joyce was in New York for a short time looking at the galleries and meets John Amsterdam and has an affair with him and Buffy was the result. Buffy knows who her real father is and after she kills Angel, she runs away to New York instead of LA to find her father and stays to live with him.
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What if after Giles leaves and Buffy kisses Spike at the end of Tabula Rasa, she realizes that she is heading down a dark path. She figures out that since she has been in heaven, staying near the Hellmouth is making her feel like she is in Hell. She decides that she needs to get away from Sunnydale, Spike, and the people who brought her back. She discusses it with Dawn and they decide to put the house up for sale and they leave for LA. They stay with Angel for a couple of days and Angel gives them money to start a new life. Here is where choose your own adventure comes in. You the writer...
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I didn't like how Buffy could so easily forgive the gang for kicking her out of her own house. I'm challenging all the wonderful fanfic writers to write a story about the following:
At the end of Chosen, everybody in the bus drives to LA because of the injured. The Scooby Gang believes everything can go back to the way they use to be, but Buffy knows differently. She can't forgive them for what they did to her. She goes to Angel at Wolfram & Hart and explains to him what happened and asks him to give her a new identity and help her move to someplace else. She leaves a letter with...
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This is a Buffy/SG1 crossover. It is also AU because Buffy dies at the end of "Chosen." Buffy dies and the Powers That Be decide she will become a ghost and help/haunt Jack. She is "attached" to him. She can't go more than 250 ft away from him before and invisible bungy cord pulls her back. She has the ability to become solid and move things around and can stay solid for longer periods of time the more she practices. Everyone can see her. Eventually Jack starts to fall for her and she for him. You can have where she talks Jack into tracking down the Scoobies and have him go visit them. ...
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This is a What if challenge and it will be a total AU for both Buffy and Xmen. What if Hank and Joyce Summers were actually Christopher and Katherine Summers, parents of Scott and Alex Summers, instead of dying, they survived the crash and believing their sons were dead (because they saw the parachute catch on fire) changed their names and moved to L.A. They changed their names to Hank and Joyce Summers and shortly after find out Joyce is pregnant with Buffy. When Joyce dies, Buffy is going through her mother's things and finds a letter and some pictures of her mom and dad with two boys and...
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This has probably been done before but I'm putting the challenge out anyway. Instead of Buffy jumping to safety at the end of "Chosen", she falls into a dimensional portal and she land in the middle of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. There Obi-Wan finds her and when he touches her to see if she is still alive, something happens and somehow Buffy's and Obi-Wan's minds link together and they each feel what the other is feeling and what the other is thinking. Yoda helps them to control it so they won't go crazy. Because of this, Buffy tags along with Ben and by extension Anakin on their journey...
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I challenge someone to write a story where Buffy finds out she is adopted when she goes through her mother's papers sometime after her mother's death. I know this has been done before but here is the twist, she is Sam Carter's daughter. Buffy tracks her down and they meet and get to know each other. The setting for SG1 has to be before season nine. The setting for Buffy could be set anywhere after she is brought to life the second time.
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I started to write this but found while I can have good ideas, I can't write very well. I have a chapter written on this but someone can take this idea and run with it. You have my permission and I can even send you the first chapter that you can use and abuse to your heart's content.

Time line: BtVS : After end of series with a slight alternate reality for the summer of season 2 Harry Potter: After Book 6 with a slight alternate reality. Dumbledore wasn’t killed by Snape. Somehow Dumbledore avoided the killing curse but pretended to be dead. Only Harry, Hermione, the Weasley ...
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