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Author vitruvian

While in Rome, Buffy confronts the last of the Three Mothers from the eponymous series of films by Dario Argento. Up to you how the Mother of Tears manifests, connections if any to the Immortal or Wolfram & Hart, and what other Buffy characters may help out....

Since the movie about the Mother of Tears has not yet been filmed, look at the movies about the other two - Suspiria concerned the one in Berlin, Inferno the one in New York.
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The premise for this one is to expand on the idea of my Fantastic Foursome drabble. Basically, the evil Dr. Doom kidnaps Dawn in order to coerce the Scoobies (Buffy, Xander, Willow, Giles) to go into the past and retrieve the treasures of Captain Jack Sparrow (Jack's special compass and the heart of Davy Jones) for him.

Doom's tactic should be successful in getting the four to go to the past, and much piratey goodness should ensue. Feel free to vary how the kidnapping goes, which version of Doom this is, what version/timelines of the Scoobies themselves (i.e., is Xander somehow empow...
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