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Author Freddyfrmelmst

Halloween 1998 instead of a Soldier Xander goes as a Cowboy. Said Cowboy turns out to be Samuel Colt. And Xander's gun becomes a Real copy of the Colt. When the spell ends Xander remembers everything Colt knew about the Supernatural. Xander begins to stockpile everything he would need to hunt on his own because he has a feeling that the Scoobies will need the Other Colt because when the spell ends Xander only has two bullets left for his Colt. One he uses to Kill The Judge the Other he uses for Kakiotos. When the Scoobies learn about the Mayor Xander hits the road to find the other Colt or the...
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This idea is based on the UPN show Deadly Games-a tv Show where a Science Experiment goes Haywire and accidentally releases a Scientist's personal video game into the real world. The game featured the Scientist a the Hero his Ex-Wife as the Sidekick/Hostage and those people in his life that annoyed abused and generally made his life hell everyone from the Camp Counciler that made his summers sucks to the High School Bully to his Former Mother in Law was recreated as the Game's Villains. My Idea is this a demon is Scouting out Sunnydale looking for a way to divide the Scoobies and while spying ...
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After his time in Africa Xander is send on a Mission to South East Aisa with Faith to rescue a pair of Slayers being held as slaves by the Flaming Dragon Drug Cartel while he and Faith make there way to free the Girls they get the unexpected company of Tugg Speedmen Kevin Sandusky Jeff Portnoy Alpa Chino and Kirk Lazurus when the actors stumble onto the them treking thru the Jungle.

Would like to see.
1. Xander chosen for the Mission because of Soldier Boy's Memories of the area

2. Possible X/F romance

3. Faith slugging Speedmen after he makes a Pass at her....
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Xander is living down in Miami running a Slayer Rehab and Training center a place where who have seen to much or who need a break from their normal lives can relax and just be girls again.

Xander's Girlfriend Faith runs it with him.

Xander is at home in Miami because Soldier Boy is none Other then Michael Westen. Xander is also connected to Michael's Friends as he is the nephew of Sam Axe and a former Client of Fi's from her Gun Running Days in Africa.

One Day while out on South Beach Fi and Michael see Xander propose to Faith and Sam toasting them Michael and Xander...
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