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Author KingHenrytheV

Elizabeth "Buffy" Anne Summers arrives in Sunnydale under very different circumstances. Her parents were never divorced, and she never went to the psychiatric ward. What actually happened was much more traumatizing than she could have predicted.

Her father, an accomplished pilot. decides that the best thing to do in the aftermath of Hemery is to take the family on a private flight. No one expected the plane crash, nor could Buffy or her mother remember precisely what went wrong. There was no sign of Hank Summers, and Buffy was changed forever.

Red energy beams now continu...
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I have yet to read a story, see a television show, or even a movie (with one exception) that puts Orthodox Judaism in a positive light. Maybe that's because no authors know anything about it, but I would like to see a story in which Willow embraced her Jewish heritage instead of becoming Wiccan.

To make things interesting, the author can alter the Highlander time-line (or erase a certain death) to bring Rebecca (Amanda's teacher, and possibly a Jewish character) to Sunnydale to guide Willow on the path of an Orthodox Jew who fights preternatural enemies.

The first difference...
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Willow Kalderash

Magnus was beloved among the Kalderash Clan, until the day he fell. An angry mob attacked him and his wife for the distinction of being Romani, and then Magnus revealed his true nature. He was a meta-human, a mutant, and he killed the mob and fatally injured his pregnant wife, in the process.

Disgusted by his clan's aparthy, he left them forever and became the terrorist called Magneto (in the X-men, comics, Magneto was never intended to be Jewish). He never learned that he had left behind twin newborns.

Wanda and Pietro Maximoff of the Kalderash w...
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After everything the Scoobies have been through over the past seven years, it was safe to say that magic was real, right? It was safe to say that everything that happened to them was caused entirely by the supernatural. What if they were wrong?

What if there really was a scientific explanation for everything that had happened, and "demons" was simply a word that meant "aliens from another dimension." "Demonic vampires" were an independent intelligence that spread through a blood-born disease (they were from a different dimension, so they obey different Laws of Nature). And the so-...
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Winston, Hazel, and Cordelia Frost have a second chance at life as the Chase Family. Winston certainly messed it up the first time.

His oldest daughter, Adrienne (a mutant/meta-human with psychometric powers) has gone off to England and married a mobster. His only son is institutionalized to "cure" his homosexuality and drug addiction - and has since tried to kill himself on several occasions. His second daughter, Emma (a mutant/meta-human who is one of the 5 most powerful psychics in the world) took control of Winston's multi-billion dollar company, Frost International, in an act ...
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