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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
Rules for Challenges

Author Orion

Character Evolution

Premise: The evolution of one character to another.

Example (following characters are NOT required of the challenge, this is only an example):

Xander Harris, a fairly average teenager whom has multiple assists for saving the world, grows up to be Jacob Carter (SG1).

I’m looking for a story on how the established character (such as Xander Harris) evolves into the somewhat different character (such as Jacob Carter). This includes, but is not limited to, the reason for the name change.

I am NOT looking for a fic where Jacob’s...
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Buffy and Willow have to meet with the President - a couple Slayers go with them, including Cassie Fraiser.

Being well informed on all things SGC, he knows Cassie by sight.

When Willow tells him about the spell that activated all slayers - he has to ask if it only effected Slayers on Earth (because he knows that Cassie is NOT from Earth).

From there it's up to you.
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Challenge: Famous for Other Reasons


Sixth Year, Seventh, or Post Hogwarts Fic. Dawn Summers started Hogwarts at Age 11 (sent away from Sunnydale for her protection, for example) and a different Golden Trio formed: Harry Potter, Dawn Summers, and [author's choice - preferably from outside HP or Buffy].

Voldemort is dead. Someone however finds out that the golden trio are famous in the muggle world. . .

Author's Choice: Why are they famous? Are they a popular rock group? Did they compete in the Olympics? Were they recently chosen to be the firs...
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