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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author James

Buffy has a hard life. A really hard life. What if she had been getting help over the years by the various incarnations of Doctor Who?

It be really nice if you could it them all in, but I know that would be asking for a really long fic, so I will be happy with better that 50% of them.

Though, I would definitely like to see the first, third, and fourth Doctors, as well as the rest.

You can make it so that Buffy is aware of the or not, you decide.

Companions are optional, but if you can get K9 in there... I will be happier yet.

Dr. Who/Torchwood > Buffy-Centered • Responses [0] • Date Added [3 Dec 11]
Here is the challenge. Windows of Opportunity in Stargate SG1 was a humorous show. What if the cycle happened at the same time as some key point in the Buffy Universe? Like when the day Jenny died, or Buffy died(anytime), or during Graduation, or when the Potentials were all called, or when Tara died, etc... You get the idea.

I always thought that Jenny shouldn't have died.

I can just see the Mayor eating Snyder over and over and over again. who knows, he could be saved...but only if you want to.

One thing about when the Potentials were all called. What if Vamp...
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Here is the challenge.
Combine 4 different genres for a story.

Extra points for combining two different shows of the same genre, but they can't already exist with each other. For example Buffy and Angel are part of each other's universes, so they don't count. Same with all Stargate shows and JAG/NCIS shows.

The only problem I can see is the following: Does CSI count as Drama or SCI-FI?

PS. Did I mention that I like Xander Centric stories?
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Imagine what would have happened if Xander had gone as Prince Corwin of Amber. He would have gained the ability to regenerate parts of his body and able to shift between the different parallel universes. Imagine him being able to go to a Shadow where Jesse didn't die, but Xander had? Ditto for Miss Calendar. Imagine him being able to shift out of locks and traps by just going to a Shadow where the locks were open or the traps didn't exist. He could visit any ficdom he wanted, because with his power, they could exist!

The possibilities are endless.


For in...
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What if Xander had met Halfrek as a child and had wished that Sunnydale could be like Smallville and that all the people could be like the people of Smallville.

Granting the wish, Halfrek splices the two town's together.

Here are some ideas for amalgamated characters.

Alexander 'Xander' Kent
Elizabeth 'Buffy' Lane
Alex/Lexus (Angel/Angelus)
Willow Chloe Rosenberg
Jimmy 'Oz' Olsen
Cordelia Lana Chase
Pete Jesse Ross
Larry Whitney Blaisdell

It would be interesting how the series would have worked out with this setup.
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