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Author Chelsea

{BtVS/Harry Potter} Post Season 2. After leaving Sunnydale and heading to L.A. the law firm Wolfram & Hart contact Buffy to settle Angel’s will. Buffy sees Spike, Drusilla, and three other demons (and or humans) there. She inherits a lot of money and a letter for her to find and protect his last living relative Hermione Granger (or anyone from the HP verse that you want...not an OC) from this "big bad" called Lord Voldermort since he wasn't alive to anymore.

Pairings which I would like to see, but aren't definite: Draco/Buffy or Severus/Buffy.

Must haves:
*Spike and...
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Um, this is my first challenge ever so here we go...Buffy/Stargate SG-1 crossover. I'd really like to see a scenario where Buffy is sent to evaluate the SG-1 team and could possibly end up working with them. My plot bunny pretty much involves Buffy going into the Stargate with them and then telling the president about the group and how well they did. (I'm not a Stargate connoisseur so I'm not 100% familiar with the show...sorry!) I'm also hoping for a Buffy/Jack pairing if possible.

Must have:
Buffy saying "Whatever you say, Mr. President!"
Buffy going through the Stargate...
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