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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author GACTsevil

Supernatural/Buffy/Robin Hood (BBC)

A powerful demon is after Dawn and Sam (obvious reasons) the demon sends them back in time to the place of Sam's "origins" for safe keeping. Dean thinks it means Lawrence, but with Missouri's help they discover the demon meant where Sam's ancestor's come from. Sam and Dawn find themselves in Sherwood forest surrounded by men with bows led by Sam's ancestor Robin of Locksley. Sam should be captured by the sheriff who thinks Sam is a wizard or mystic after hearing him talk about demons and spells. Missouri leads Dean to Willow who cannot just magi...
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A triumverate is formed in Sunnydale which has to involve Xander and Oz. The vampire should be either Angel or Angelus, Spike or Drusilla. You can make up your own reason why exactly it would happen, but after the triumverate is formed (and Buffy is kept from killing them) the vampire should take them to St. Louis to show off to Jean Clause, and to rub it in his face. The vampire (of your choice) knows that vampires like Jean Claude think they are better than the demonic vampire of Buffyverse.
It can take place at any time in the Buffyverse, but after Incubus Dreams (Anita Blake).
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In "Doomed" (season 4), Forrest (to Riley): “They’re just animals, man, plain and simple. Granted they’re a little rarer than the ones you grew up with on that little farm in Smallville...”


After "As You Were" Riley Finn decides that he wants to return home to see his sister, who he hasn't seen in three years.

*Riley is at least four years older than Chloe.
*Must take place after season four.
*Clark knows of Riley, while Lana doesn't.
*Include Lana asking Clark if she is a bad friend for not knowing Chloe had a sibl...
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