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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author DaveTurner

The Two Slayers Scorned Challenge.

It’s said that ‘hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’. What happens when the woman scorned is a slayer, or in this case two slayers?

The fic should be set some years after the destruction of Sunnydale, personally I ignore the season eight comics; it’s really up to the writer if they do or not but I don’t really count them as canon.

Faith has been in a longterm and stable relationship with Xander for two or three years. Willow has been in a longterm and stable relationship with Kennedy since before the fall of Sunnydale. ...
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Random Shooting Challenge.

I got this idea when I was watching an old episode of ‘Numb3rs’, but I think it would work with just about any US TV Cop show just as well.

A city is in the grip of a ‘Sniper Panic’; two BtVS characters are walking along a busy street in broad daylight (they are there for a reason unconnected with the sniper). Without any warning one of them is shot by a concealed sniper.

It doesn’t mater which characters the writer uses, or whether the character is killed; if the character lives, however, he or she will...
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The ‘Seven Samurai’ Challenge.
By Dave Turner.

The challenge; to cross BtVS with Akira Kurosawa’s classic 1954 film ‘Seven Samurai’.

Set between Seasons 6 and 7 of BtVS.

Buffy and Dawn are on a shopping trip to the Sunnydale Mall when they suddenly find themselves transported to Japan in the year 1578. How this is achieved is entirely up to the author.

What I want to see.

Buffy must prove herself to the Samurai before they will let her join their group. Remember the Samurai are hard bitten veteran warriors and Buffy is ‘just’ a wom...
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BtVS/Stargate SG 1 crossover challenge.

Write a fic in which Jack O’Neill is President of the United States and Buffy Summers-O’Neill is the First Lady! The fic should be set after Jack has retired from the Air Force and Buffy is in her mid to late thirties (34+). You may use any characters from Stargate SG 1 and BtVS, but not AtS. You may also use characters from the ‘The West Wing’ and/or ‘Commander In Chief’ or make up your own characters to fill any staff posts you may need.

The story must be plausible for both Stargate and BtVS. Please try to remain in canon....
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