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Author Feygan

I watched the movie "Hostel," then like right afterwards I saw "Eurotrip," which was a complete 180. But about halfway through Eurotrip, the group ends up in Bakslavia, which is the setting for all the horrors of Hostel. And Michelle Trachtenburg did star in Eurotrip...

Dawn and a few college friends spend their summer break backpacking through Europe and disappear. Buffy and a group of Slayers go on the trail to find out what happened to them. There are plenty of revelations about all the debauchery Dawn and her friends got into--proving that Dawn isn't quite the innocent and sw...
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Buffy fights a demon like in "Normal Again," but instead of ending up in a crazy version of herself, she ends up as Daphne from Scooby Doo. And instead of Freddie Prinze Jr as Fred, it's the Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back Fred, who was played by Marc Blucas, who played Riley.

Daphne is Buffy's alternate self. Fred is Riley's. And Buffy just wants to go home, because all of her years as a Slayer have given her lethal reactions that just don't cut it when she's faced with normal people dressed up as monsters. Plus, all the purple? Very not Buffy.
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