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Author pezgirl

Stargate: Season 4
BTVS: the summer between season 3 & Season 4

Sheila Rosenberg's 14 yr old brother, David, dates Janet Frasier (same age) but when she get pregnant he breaks up with her because he doesn't want the responsibility.
David's 20 yr old sister, Sheila and her husband, Ira, can' have kids so they end up adopting the girl and naming her Willow. Janet's too young to keep her and her parents made her give Willow up and move away from the baby to Colorado Springs.

Must have:

Willow going to find her


Pairings: Willow/Oz
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Timeline: after season 3 for BTVS. after 'Fragile Balance (S7) for Stargate. the date is 2008 so it's 10 years after 'Children of the Gods'.
and 8 years after 'Graduation part 2'

Demon-fighters of the SGC are marked as 0 (the 1st team) and downwards eg. -1, -2 and etc. they are sent to planets where the supernatural are found; and they deal with the potential threat.

Dr. Willow Rosenberg (26)
1st Lieutenant Xander Harris (26)
Major Riley Finn (30)
1st Lieutenant Jonathan O’Neal (physical age ‘21’/ mental age ‘52’)

(they make...
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BTVS: pre-Buffy
Supernatural: pre-1st season

What if John never came back from a hunt? Where would Dean and Sam have gone? 13 yr old Dean and 9 yr old Sammy are orphaned and sent to live with the Rosenbergs.
there, they meet their 11 yr old cousin Willow.
Willow's parents are away a lot and have no time for her; they have no time for Sam and Dean either- so the three kids are left alone together.

soon enough, Dean reveals the existence of demons and the supernatural to Willow and Xander (maybe Jesse too). to avenge the loss of both their parents the young Winchest...
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BTVS: season 5 (before Glory shows up)

Bela Talbot show up at the Magic Box and steals some stuff, the scoobies need the things she took for a spell to defeat a demon so they give chase.

Must have:


Spike/Bela Pairing: but not cute-like; just a passing thing to annoy Buffy (leads to more funnies)

Must not have:

Scooby-bashing or Bela-Bashing

The rest is up to you
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SG1: Fragile balance
BTVS: after s7

A year after Willow does the Slayer spell their are armies of Slayers running around and she doesn't feel like that war needs her anymore.
so the PTB give her a new challenge; a new Hellmouth has been found in the High school in Colorado Springs (the one the Mini-Jack attends) and because they don't want to draw any suspicions from the air force; the decide that instead of sending the slayers there it would be better to send Willow there.

they de-age her to 15 years old and place her in the same high school as Mini!Jack.

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Num3rs/Buffy XOver

I heard the Willow and the Eppes bros all have analytical minds and are in some ways similar to each other- so...

The challenge is to have Willow in the FBI and help solve cases along with her older brothers Charlie and Don Eppes who is several years older than her. they could be half-siblings or full-blood-siblings.
whether or not Willow and the Eppes already know about them being related is up to the challenge taker.

they find out about the supernatural is an FBI case, so Willow has to tell them some things.


be c...
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Xander and Charlie are twins. Their real parents (Jack and Jessica) split up and took a boy each. Jack married again to Sara. Jessica married Tony Harris. But sixteen years later Jessica and Tony are murdered by Angelus, as are Willow’s parents. Buffy dies and takes Angelus with her. Jack takes Xander back and, because Xander loves Willow, he also takes Willow to stop her from going into care. Faith enters the scene and pals up with Giles, becoming the next Slayer/Watcher to protect Sunnydale.

Stargate: Season 5 Charlie would be 16 almost 17 (if he were alive...
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Stargate: optional
Buffy: season 3 before Willow and Xander started their fling.

SG1 goes to a planet, gets into trouble- Janet is sent out because they get hurt, the 5 of them comes back to Earth with their younger, 16 year old clones. Clone!Jack, Clone!Sam, Clone!Janet, Clone!Daniel and Clone!Teal'c have to attend High school again.
a year later the clones of SG1 are expelled from High school for whatever reason and are relocated to Sunnydale High school where they meet the Scoobies; Giles, Buffy, Willow, Xander, Oz, Cordy and Angel.
The five clones finally find that th...
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Buffy: after season 3
Supernatural: optional

At Graduation the vampires and other of the Mayors henchmen surrounded Sunnydale and prevented any escape or entry, the snake destroyed most of the class of ’99, Snyder and the parents. Then he continued eating people around Sunnydale, the fight lasts for almost two months until the Sunnydalens won.
Willow and Xander were the only two of the Scoobies to make it out alive, to take revenge against the evil that took their families and friends they gear up for demon-hunting…who do they meet? The Winchesters, of course. A few months...
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Xmen timeline: movies 1, 2, 3 or between. maybe futuristic.
Buffy: season 1 or 2

Buffy discovers that Hank is actually her biological uncle and brother of Scott Summers. Joyce isn't realted to Buffy in blood. Scott Summers is her dad, her mom is Jean Grey- that's not all, she also learns that Willow is her little sister (she's over a year younger than Buffy- she skipped a grade in school coz she's smart- ).
Buffy looks a little similar to their dad whilst Willow looks like their mom.
they get more surprises when they learn that one or the other- or both- are/is a mutant....
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Buffy timeline: The Summer between season 2 and 3 in which Buffy was not in Sunnydale.

Willow comes home one day to find social workers outside the house, her parents were arrested for child neglect, after 5 months of trying to make the parents more responsible with taking care of their daughter they give up and place Willow into care- because they snuck out of Sunnyldae to do another booktour- or something else.
Joyce was out looking for Buffy around LA while this was happening so no help there.
When Buffy does come back she helps Joyce get custody of Willow after she sp...
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Seasons 1, 2 or 3 for both the shows.

Daniel’s daughter, Willow, is a lot like him, she’s extremely compassionate (comforting Evil!Spike), a genius, babbles, self-depreciating, nerd/geek, passionate, deep capacity to love and be loved.

Story 1. The Beginning

Story of Sheila and Daniel at 15 years old in the same foster home, then when they split up, Ira came along. Then came Willow.

Story 2. In the know

Willow’s stepfather, Ira, dies and Sheila takes her to see Daniel.

Story 3. Secrets and Truths

Sheila finds ou...
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Supernatural timeline: optional
Buffy timeline: After Season 7

Mary Winchester has at least one unnamed brother or uncle, who Sam and Dean have never met. What if that uncle/brother was Ira Rosenberg? Ira Rosenberg and his parents disowned Mary after she married John- who wasn't Jewish like they were. Mary converted to whatever John's religion was (though he is said to be non-religious). Sheila might have known about her.

Willow and the Winchesters should meet but how they meet depends on you, also, WHY do they meet?

Note: obviously Dean is 2 yrs older than Will...
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BTVS: Season 2
SG1: Season 2

what if the guys that talked with Willow and Oz didn't talk to them, but two representatives of the SGC did? Captain Carter and Colonel O'Neill offer two of the brightest minds in Sunnydale a chance to work with them either as soldiers, scientists or civilians.

Will something supernatural interrupt them? Will Willow and/or Oz accept the offer?
Will Sam and Jack wonder why a woman tried to assassinate a small blonde girl? if Willow does join the SGC as a scientist/civilian/soldier what lengths will she go to hide her magic and the superna...
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Timeline: Stargate- any season, with McKay in it. Buffy: season 1-3.

Cordy's parents die in a vamp-attack and she is sent to live with her only living relative- her Uncle McKay, who is more than reluctant to take her in because of his job.

Must not have:

character bashing

Must have:

McKay and Cordy bickering and snarking at each other.
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