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Author LadyFoxFire

Pitch Black/Riddick

Riddick has had a long life. He has fulfilled the prophecy and has leaded the Necromonger to their destiny. And now as Riddick approaches his next great adventure, he's soul is stolen by the Power That Be.

After forming a new body for Riddick, the Power That Be inform that him that they have a job for him and if he completes the job then when he dies the next time he will be allowed to pass on. But if he does not complete the job for them then the consequence will be unpleasant.

The job is rather simple, Riddick needs to kill the Slayer's White Kn...
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Pitch Black/Riddick

After Buffy finds out about Xander's lie about what Willow said about Angel, she curses him so that he would never experience love. But as ususal magic didn't work right on Xander so instead of never knowing love Xander is curse to never grow old until he finds his true love.

Xander is forced to watch those he care for grow up, have a life and finally die as he remains the same age as he was when Buffy cursed him. Any wounds he recieves to his body is healed almost immediately but no magic could heal the wounds to his heart and soul, so after a time Xander...
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Pitch Black/Riddick

In the universe Riddick comes from demons are very rare but the do exist, so when Riddick comes across one, he is unprepared for them. After a furious battle the demons are able to capture Riddick and bring him back to
their universe.

The New Watchers has sent Xander to a demon flea market to pick up supplies for Willow since Anya's willed him all her boons which allows him to walk through the market without harm. While there he catches a scent that seems to pull on what was left of the hyena in him. Following his nose, Xander comes upon the slave/pet ...
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Buffy has been described many times as someone who 'shot first ask
questions never'. So when a man with eyes that seem to glow suddenly
appear in the school's library, Buffy attacks and severely injuries the
man. Xander and Giles are able to stop Buffy from killing the man.

Left with an injured and unconscious man and a Slayer who wants nothing
more than to kill him, Xander offers to take the man and care for him
until they can figure out who and what he is and more importantly what
he wants with the Hellmouth.

Willow points out that if the stranger is...
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Pitch Black/Riddick

Riddick some finds himself in the past/Buffy universe. It's up to the author to figure out how; perhaps a wish that went wrong.

Will exploring the world he finds himself in, Riddick discover the most intoxicating scent he has ever smelled. So overcome by the need for the scent that Riddick allows his desire to possess the source of the smell overcome his normal survival instants. Riddick steals the source of the smell, a young man with brown hair and eyes from off the street and take it to a 'newly' vacant home.

In their new home Riddick strips th...
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Not sure if this one been done before...

For Halloween Xander dresses up and the generic soldier, he even has dog tags. Dog Tags that once belonged to Snake Eyes.

Once the spell end Xander kept all the skills and knowledge that Snake Eyes had at that time, including all the knowledge and secrets Snake Eyes has about GI Joe.

Now being an honorable man Xander wrote to Snake Eyes to warn the older man about himself and to ask for advice. Snake Eyes remember some of what happened that night decided to keep quiet about Xander and start to writing back and forth with X...
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I've been on a 'Xander gets turned to into a baby' kick recently when the weirdest idea popped into my head.

What if Xander was changed into a baby again and someone wished that he could have good parents. So this time Xander gets Colonel Jack O'Neill (Stargate) and Angus MacGyver (MacGyver)

The Scoobies explain that Dr Maggie Walsh was experimenting which creating perfect soldiers for the military and when she had discover two men who looked almost exactly alike but were in no way related she had to 'breed' them. They go one to explain how they were not the only ones to ha...
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Xander has been Jack O'Neill's illegitimate son.
Xander has been Charlie O'Neill who death had been faked as he was spirited away.
Xander has been O'Neill's son who was created by aliens
Hell Xander has even been Jack's father!

But what if Xander was Jack's twin brother?

Now before you say that’s impossible hear me out.

Loki created Xander and Jack in a lab in the hope of finding the answer to save his people. Having implanted the zygote that would become Jack, Loki froze the Xander zygote for future testing and implantation.

Fast forward to t...
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While doing slaying research Xander came across a story about two metal demons that fell from the sky. One demon was in search of a magical item that could be used to rule all. While the other demon, an Atobo, was here to stop the other metal demon and return the magical item to it's true home.

With the aid of the Slayer the Atobo was able to destroy the other demon but not without it's own lost of life.

In the book Xander is reading he also find woodcarving made of the Atobo and the symbol it wears.

When Xander visit Ethan's, he fined out he's out of luck as the l...
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This is a new twist to the Halloween esp.

Soldier Boy's name was Colonel Jack O'Neill and he has been tortured to death by his enemy named Ba'al and of course he soon found himself in the body of Xander Harris.

Now as any good SG-1 junkie know Ba'al torture, kills and then bring Jack back to life more time then can be counted. But this time when Ba'al bring Jack back to life Jack's soul is a little busy and the only one available is Xander.

Image everyone's confusion when the person in Xander's body says he's Jack O'Neill and the person in Jack's body is Xander Harri...
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