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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
Rules for Challenges

Author Almadynis

No one has ever, that I've found, done a story with the Nox as a main component. So, that is what this challenge is about. I want a story that is centered around the Nox, in whatever shape or form you want to use.

1) Must be with one of the main Scooby Gang.
2) Must include at least one scene on the Nox homeworld.
3) Must include at least one scene in the SGC.
4) Must include at least one scene in Sunnydale.
5) The main Scooby you use must be in a relationship (does not have to be romantic) with a Nox and a member of SG-1.

That's it, just remember ...
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In Stargate SG-1 season 2, episode "The Fifth Race", at the end when Jack is talking to the Asgard on the planet, the Asgard comments that the Legacy "wasn't meant for him." And since the only direct translation we have of the circle is "The place of our legacy" and it's got to say more than that...I propose that someone come up with who the legacy was supposed to be for!
So, the rules:

1) You can't use Dawn/Buffy falling off the tower through the portal to get them into the SG universe...use some of the creativity I know you have!

2) A maximum of three people from the B...
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I challenge someone to do a Labyrinth/Buffy crossover.
1) Buffy is (somehow) Jareth's sister.
2) Please make it plausible!
3) Somehow ,let Xander get involved.
4) Willow gets Jareth into trouble, then falls for him as she gets him out of trouble.
5) Tell it from either the third person selective or Jareth's point of view.
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