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Author Tanydwr

Inspired by my fanart 'The Teacher', found here:

Basic idea:

The Time Lords suspected the end was coming. In order to continue their race, they took select Time Lords (all Time Lords with the associated abilities, although many barely old enough for the Academy) and used a modified Chameleon Arch to hide them. When they died, they would regenerate into full Time Lord physiology, remembering what lives they had before. Many were turned into infants or small children, adopted into families across t...
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Very simple - much as I can appreciate them, reading stories where the Scoobies, or Slayers in general, are perfect or the ultimate in everything can get very tiresome.

So I'd like to see some stories where the Scoobies screw up. The more phenomenally the better. These can be as funny or as dark as you like, encompassing as many different fandoms as you like.


*No excessive, pointless character-bashing - it'll be more impressive if you can write the story without unnecessary bashing.
*No slash unless canon (e.g. Willow)

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Dawn Summers may have been 'made from Buffy's blood', but there are other aspects required in creating a person.

Such as eggs and semen.

No one realised that Dawn was technically Buffy's daughter - and not her sister. Which means there is another half out there... A father.

Dean Winchester has no idea that some monks stole his DNA to create the vessel to hold the Key or that her mother/sister has been raising her for the past few years.

Basic premise of the story is that Dean finds out he has a daughter.


Supernatural > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Dean Winchester • Responses [1] • Date Added [9 Apr 08] • Date Updated [20 Jan 10]
In three years, three heroes were born.

24th January 1979 - Dean Winchester. Elder brother of Samuel Winchester. Hunter, soldier, avenger. Fearlessly loyal.

31st July 1980 - Harry James Potter. Only son of Lily and James Potter. Wizard, chosen, saviour. Fearlessly loyal.

19th January 1981 - Buffy Anne Summers. Elder sister of Dawn Summers. Slayer, guardian, warrior. Fearlessly loyal.

All heroes. All broken. All cheating death.

All prophecy-bound.

In the late 2000s, a prophecy comes to life, speaking of the once-dead warriors. Wh...
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Inspired by my fanart found here at Twisting the Hellmouth.

Buffy and Dean are being haunted by memories that aren't their own. They remember Satine and Christian - doomed lovers. But is this past about to become the present?

Rest is really up to you, whether Buffy and Dean are Satine and Christian's reincarnations, whether Moulin Rouge ended the same way (i.e. perhaps the Duke shot Satine instead of her succumbing to the tuberculosis/consumption), why and how they're getting the memories.

Maybe one of them's picked up a cursed object.

Do Buffy and Dea...
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Hank Summers. Loving dad gone AWOL, living it up in Spain with his secretary, right?


Meet Hank Summers, Demon Hunter. Loving dad gone AWOL, hunting down the demon that has plagued his family for centuries. The demon he thought he'd killed before he met the woman he fell in love with.

The demon that reappeared in his life not long after his eldest daughter turned seventeen. Since then, he has lied to the family he still loves, deserting them, hunting down the creature that is determined to destroy every generation of the Summers family. But the latest generatio...
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Dark Angel/Buffy/Supernatural crossover.

The creator of the transgenics, Dr Sandeman, couldn't get them to look human until he got to the X5 series. Why? What changed? What happened? What did he gain?

In 1996, he heard about a girl with unnatural strength fighting off a creature of similar strength. On investigation, he discovers that the girl is not a Familiar, but a Slayer. When she enters a psychiatric institution, he gains a sample of her DNA. Her DNA contains a unique genetic strand. This genetic strand is suppressed in all potential Slayers - but awake in a current one....
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Buffy/Harry Potter/Stargate crossover. Set post-Deathly Hallows, post-Chosen and post-Season 6 of Stargate (Daniel's both ascended and descended!). So, this can begin anywhere from about May 2003 onwards (Chosen ends!). Deathly Hallows spoilers below!


Millennia ago, the Goa'uld were driven off Earth by an insurrection in Egypt. The Chappa'ai was buried and the world freed.

Among the insurrection's leaders were Femi, a Huntress or Slayer, Imhotep, a man of incredible magical power, and Ahmose, a scholarly leader and future Pharoah.

Now there is ...
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I don't think I've ever seen this done before.

Write a fic where Wesley is somehow really Harry Potter. He has disguised himself, created a past and joined the Watchers' Council for whatever reason you decide. His initial behaviour towards Buffy, Faith and co. is a front and a fraud. At some point, that front is identified. When is up to you. Wesley/Harry then has to explain the truth to Buffy and co. and/or Angel and co.


Wesley chooses not to call the Council on Faith, but tracks her down and traps her himself. This engenders questions.
Buffy ...
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General Hammond is Buffy and Dawn's grandfather via Joyce.

How does he feel when they come to visit after the destruction of their home town?

Any time pre-Season 8 in Stargate. Post-Chosen.

You can make up any reason for Joyce and the kids not to have been mentioned. Or just make out that Buffy and Dawn *are* the two granddaughters mentioned (although we know they aren't). Is there a split in the family? Has it been so long that Hammond forgot? Did the monks' spell not affect his memory or did it erase remembrance of them from his mind so he couldn't interfere -...
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Stargate SG1 meets Buffy!

Inspired by my artwork (under Stargate: Slayer if you want to have a look) - someone asked for a challenge. So here goes!

Post Season 6 of Stargate.

The world is under threat! It will take more than hands, hearts and minds to save the world this time! Buffy Summers has arrived at the SGC, and Sam Carter is entrusted with an important task by the Powers That Be: help Daniel Jackson and Buffy Summers - The Lovers Resurrected - to fall in love. If they do not, the world falls under peril.

Can an astrophysicist get ...
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Buffy Season 2.

At the end of ‘I Only Have Eyes For You’, Angelus takes the gun – still existent after the ghosts leave – and shoots Buffy. The outright rejection and cruelty allows her to see through Angel’s face to the demon, and when she heals, she finds the mansion and slaughters every demon within. Afterwards:

'Dust and blood surrounded her, coated her, despaired of her. She looked at the carnage around her, at the death and destruction, and knew it was at her hand. Angelus - and Angel - was dead. As were Spike and Drusilla, and their minions. Angel, An...
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Stargate/Buffy crossover!

Okay, timeline, surprisingly detailed, but you can modify bits as you see fit!

Summer 1999: basic idea that Xander leaves Sunnydale after graduation for his road-trip. However, on the road-trip, he ends up saving the life of an Air Force officer (doesn't have to be a member of SG cast).

SG timeline is pushed forward a few years. I.e. the film takes place in 1998, and season 1 starts in 1999 (not '97). So Xander saving Kawalsky is perfectly possible, as long as it's pre-Apophis' attack.

Anyway after saving the USAF officer...
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Diagnosis Murder/Buffy crossover. Or Diagnosis Murder/Angel crossover.

Lots of challenges in one!

Rules for all of them:

No slash, except canon (i.e. Willow/Tara).

After Steve and Jesse buy BBQ Bob's (I like it!).

Realistic 'ships. (I.e. Buffy's unlikely to fall for any of the Diagnosis Murder cast, except perhaps Alex - the med student.)


1. When Buffy runs away to LA, she's involved in a bus accident. When she finds out there was a murder on the bus and she has to remain for questioning, the Slayer gets worried. T...
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Crossover between Buffy, Harry Potter and Star Wars.

When Harry defeats Voldemort, (somehow) a portal forms and whisks him away to a galaxy far, far away. Similarly, Buffy goes through a portal to arrive in the same galaxy. At some point they meet and realise they are both from Earth - and the same dimension of Earth (something they both know about will be needed as full proof, such as Buffy mentioning Willow, and Harry stating - "Oh, you mean a Wiccan, not a witch!" Or something about different types of vampire - Buffy knowing about the HP universe vampires and laughing at the idea...
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