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Author InvisibleA


Buffy, Willow and Xander get Hogwarts letters the summer after season 1 they can go to another school at first but must end up at hogwarts by october that year.
Buffy gets hers while at her dads and Finds out he stopped her from going at age 11 because he’s a squib and hates magic and the super natural and tells her to go and not to come back she calls someone to come and get her.

Giles revels that he went to Hogwarts and was in Ravenclaw, Gryffindor or slytherin (you pick) and decides to go with Buffy to Hogwarts if her mom agrees Buffy’s mom reads a lette...
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There’s not enough Charmed Buffy crossovers for me plus, I felt so bad after Andy died on charmed then this popped into my head after a weird dream

Term things
You can pick one or the other but here’s the gist of it in Charmed season one before “Love Hurts” and after “The Power of Two” the beginning of season 4 for Buffy
Andy/Darryl finds out about witches and demons and decides to start over in a new town they pick Sunnydale.
Things that have to happen
1. Andy/Darryl meet a female Scooby this can include Faith
2. they go on a date with the Scooby
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This was inspired by my sister.

Any Season

This can be any character ever to be on Buffy or Angel
(Example Joyce died when Buffy was in high school her dads an idiot ands off somewhere so she moves in with her mom’s cousin Josie and her husband Steve.)

Term thingy’s

Has to be someone that you see on the show or movie

Warren went out and dumped or was dumped by the ice chick from the movie

Layla and Will are going out and stay going out

Zack and Maj have crushes on each other

Ethan gets a girlfriend

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