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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
Rules for Challenges

Author samsas

The Challenge:

What if Alexander L. Harris isn't really a Harris at all but a Holmes?

His older half brothers ability to deduct situations and individuals having
taken a different manifestation in Xander's ability "To see" and innate

How do the two parties react to each other when they find out they are family?

Better question exactly what type of family are the Holmes?

After all when you have one brother who has quietly taken over the British

A second on who really is a high-functioning sociopath.
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My challenge to write a (AU) story crossing at least the following three categories, BTVS, HP and Addams Family.

The challenge is to be centered around the six degrees of separation, based on the premise that everyone on Earth can be connected using six associations or less. In this case the designated individual is Alexander Lavelle Harris is connection within the three (at least) universes and effects this has in each of their lives.

Thank you
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This challenge is open to everyone. The goal is to take three or more of the following concepts and then cross them over with a least two other fandoms.


1) What happens when Tara's relatives (not father or brothers) come to the hellmouth to find out what really happen to her.

2) What happens when Willow is finally brought forth to answer her actions as a hacker and or a witch?

3) Buffy is granted her wish to not be the slayer anymore.

4) Rupert Giles inherits a Lordship in England.

5) The NID did not give up so easily on Sunnydal...
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Spawn by reading too much HP and wishing there was more Xander/HP crossovers.
Sunnydale has always been noted as being a magical/supernatural conversion point in the United States.

What if this very fact, which makes Sunnydale so dangerous also, makes the area a forbidden oasis for curse breakers and treasure hunters brave enough to enter this cursed zone?

Little Xander met his first Goblin when he was seven. Gripstone wonders who was foolish enough to allow a wizarding child to live on a hellmouth.

A Goblin of great age and respect, his name is still whisper...
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Halloween Xander/Gaming challenge (Humor/Comedy).

Based upon the influx of Xander crossovers with WOW and other RPG/On-line gaming MMO's, I would like to submit the following challenge.

Halloween night, Xander picks up a toy weapon from the ground (any low key weapon i.e. bow, plain plastic dagger, spear or plain plastic sword) as he heads out with the kids. When Xander is turned into the soldier all the weapons on him remain real at the end of the spell (no memories received from the found weapon).

My challenge is that Xander finds out by mistake that the weapon he...
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A tragedy has struck the Addams family and as the closes blood kin, Alexander LeVelle Harris life just got a bit more complicated.

I challenge you to continue this adventure on as Xander finds out he is the heir of one of the riches families in America. The responsibilities of being the new head of the Addams clan and meeting family he never knew he had. After all it was once said that the Addams family tree was not a tree at all but more like a strangler vine.
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Challenge: To make Giles an immortal

Story to include the following items please:

1) Giles and Methos to know each other.
2) Giles to take a beer away from Methos, and stare him down when he tries to get it back.
3) Giles laying out Duncan in a fight.

Other than that have fun
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