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Author killjoy

Buffy/Stargate crossover

Instead of the African demon just given Spike back his soul, he instead turns him completely back into a human and without the chip.

Somehow a member of SG1 comes across the now human William and is impressed by his knowledge of old languages.So they offer him a job in the translation part of the Stargate Program.

A few years pass where William has become a small unknown member of the Star Gate crew but still a valued team player. But a translation or a report of Goa'uld activity forces him and SG1 to head to Sunnydale,where they collided wit...
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Mortal Kombat/Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Set after Angel's N.F.A episode.

Spuffy all the way.

Buffy is miffed at Spike for not letting her know he was alive but the two are trying make it work between them, much to Xander,Giles and Angel's dismay.

But all that changes when Spike receives an invitation to participate in a once in a generation secret combat tournament. So secret that The Watchers Council had always assumed it was a myth. Always up for a good fist and fangs challenge Spike decides to accept, much to Buffy's distress.

Although he is const...
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