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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author chrysanne

This was inspired by the scene in Attack of the Clones when Obi-wan was standing on the balcony on Kamino, overlooking the clone army. What if Obi-wan had been the Jedi meant to fall? How might the Star Wars-universe have been different if The Negotiator had risen to power as Sith?

For anyone who would like to take up this banner, I challenge you with the following:

* Fic being preferably Obidala-esque. Though I have the highest respect for other 'ships in the fandom, with Star Wars my OTP is Obi-wan and Padmé.

* Buffy and Dawn must be Padmé and Obi-wan's daughters...
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This is simple, and any fic, fan art, or even vid would work. I'd be interested in something with a Carlisle Cullen/Buffy Summers pairing. Can be romantic, can be friendship, can be mortal hatred. No limits on timeline, could be pre-Buffy, ongoing Buffy, post Chosen, or even post-Season Eight. Same goes for Twilight, anything pre, post, or even during the books is up for grabs.

* 'What if Edward's education had failed, would Carlisle have continued changing humans, continued his family? Or might he have gone to Rome and in time, become The Immortal?'

* 'If the Volturi had bee...
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At the end of Deathly Hallows, the remaining piece of Voldemort’s essence was described as a stunted, runty, flayed-looking thing. What if, during the Final Showdown between Harry and Voldemort where Voldemort was finally obliterated, that last remnant of humanity was sent in baby form to Hellmouth. Specifically, into the care of the Summers family, and by extension the Scoobies? How might a former Dark Lord take to being brother to a Slayer and the Key?

Just a few requirements:
* Can take place anytime after the beginning of season 5 to post-Chosen of season 7 of BTVS (please i...
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