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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author Dragoon

Xander gets sucked into the portal in 'The Gift' and losses his memory. The Turks takes him, Xander then takes the name Vincent Valentine. Then Shinra gets a hold of him and they augment him. Basically Xander is Vincent, and after the movie he stays around when a portal opens up in the church and out comes Buffy, Willow, Tara, Dawn, Cordy, Angel, Wes, Fred, Gunn, Spike, and others, looking for Xander.

You can start it anyway you like.

Has to be Post-Chosen and Post-Not Fade Away.


The people that die have to live, that is up to you on how they live....
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Must be a long story.
Must be NC-17 or R

Must Haves
1) Has to be set in the Second Season and has to go to Chosen, can even go beyond.
2) Xander's Mom tells him about his real father who was a Thundarian.
3) Xander is half Human half Thundarian.
4) Xander must be a Snow Leopard.
5) The Gang has to find out about Xander when Angel loses his soul and saves Willow.
6) Has to have the Anita Blake people in it.
7) Xander can go out with any one, but no Xander/Anya.
8) Xander and Micah have to have a major fight, with Xander coming out the winner.
9) ...
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Story must be long.
Would prefer it to be NC-17, but can be R

1) Xander, on his road trip has to work at Fabulous Ladies Night Club, has to meet Prue.
2) Prue has to go to Sunnydale looking for Xander, to tell him he's a father.
3) Prue has to be a Charmed One when she finds out she's pregnant.
4) Xander and Prue have to get married.
5) The baby has to be born and has to live.
6) The sisters has to either move to Sunnydale or Xander has to move to San Francisco.
7) The sisters have to help with ADAM.
8) The Scooby Gang has to help wit...
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