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Author Belisarius

Recently I came across the following website:

With this section devoted to wild guesses as to the "truth" about some fandoms.

This one regarding Dawn was a real hoot:

"Dawn Summers is actually an avatar of Yog-Sothoth from HP Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos.
One of Yog-Sothoth's aliases is "The Key" -- Dawn's known pre-human identity -- and like her controls access to all times and places, in and out of the material universe. The Monks of Dagon and the Dagon Sphere also point to Lovecraft, as Dag...
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This occurred to me one day while I was driving home from work.

I present: (dramatic music) The Dartboard Challenge!!!!

Step 1: Take nine main or recurring characters from Buffy, and write their names on pieces of paper, try to use an equal mix of hero's and villains.

Step 2: Do the same for Angel.

Step 3: Ditto for Firefly (you don't have to use the crew only, so you can get a bad guy out of this)

Step 4: Do the same for another show with an ensemble cast of your choice, I suggest Farscape or Stargate SG1

Step 5: Affix the pieces of paper...
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To everyone at Wolfram & Hart's surprise, Faith gets extradited to the state of Massachusetts to stand trial for all of her crimes, including several assaults from before she was called. Lilah Morgan tags along to help the prosecution with their case and also to do her best to get Faith sent back to a Califorina penitentiary where they have more influence.

However there's a slight snag.

Meet Faith's (court appointed) attorney: Alan Shore.

Story must have:

1. Faith, trying and utterly failing to shock Alan Shore with sexual comments
2. Lilah Morg...
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