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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author Hawklan

Hello talking a bit about Yahoo with Razial we got the crazy idea for a Halloween fic where Xander dresses as Pinky and Willow as the Brain, granted we both like to write, but both agreed humor isn't our thing. So we would like to over this as a challenge to someone who can write humor.

1. Let Xander and Willow dress as Pinky and the Brain
2. Let them have a crazy and impossible plan to conquering the world by opening the Hellmouth or something else.
3. We let you decide if they will actually turn into mice or just get their mindsets *g*
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I never knew Tim Knight personaly but all ppl who read his storys in the Wandererverse will hopefully agree that he was a great writer.

As his mother told us yesterday, today on 11. Mar. would have been his birtday. And I think a few storys to his memory would be great.

So I would like to she some stories that would have made him proud.

1. I would like to see his charater Shawn in those stories.
2. If possible it should play in the Wandererverse.

If you arenĀ“t familiar with those just write something nice about Shawn which is an elven priestess from the...
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