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Author JadeDragon

Emma Swan was not having a good day. Between a curious Henry and a silently panicking Rumpelstiltskin her nerves had been frayed and she'd hoped to get over with the finding Balefire thing relatively quickly.
She had been wrong. The magic thingy had lead them to Cleveland, to a house containing more pretty, underage and freakishly strong girls than should be legally possible. The man that the magic thingy identified as the lost son denied being called Balefire his entire life and he wasn't lying. The woman coming to his aid turned out to be the worlds most powerful witch and while she was...
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At the end of the movie 'Thor' Loki let go of the spear he was holding to and fell into space. That fall was pretty traumatic and his magic reacts by wiping his memories and regressing his body into infancy.
On Earth it is Anya's Death day and Xander is all morose and sad and wishing for someone to love. Enter greenish portal and a tiny infant being dropped out... a tiny blue infant. As soon as Xander touches him it takes on a human guise, but Xander knows that it is not a human baby he'd found. He suspects a wish demon, but has no idea which one and which species his little one is.
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Xander Childhood-Challenge

When Xander Harris was deaged back into babyhood by Willow's latest mess, he fell back under Halfrek's domain. When Dawn wished Xander to have other parents this time around she could garant it. But despite everything, Halfrek is a demon and her wishes have catches. She can't give him a perfect family or even a perfect dad, it doesn't work that way. But she can give him a parent that has the resources and the need to become a good parent.

When Tony Stark got home after being abducted in Afghanistan Pepper has a unexpected surp...
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Lots of children have imaginary friends when they are young. Xander had an imaginary big brother called Ben. He never stopped seeing Ben, just stopped talking about him when he noticed that he had grown out of the acceptable range of age to have an invisible friend. So what if Ben became more of a friend than a brother? What of the childhood bullies who started having horrible nightmares after being mean to Xander? And after Xander was 16 and had killed Jesse during the Harvest, Vampires started dying by the dozens and nobody claimed the kills.
Now Xander is 21 and Ben is going through ano...
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The Xander Reincarnation Plotbunny

Set somewhere during the 4th Season of Buffy, when the situation with
Adam is not yet uncovered (pre-Walsh-murder).
Willow had found an old spellbook in a load of books Giles bought at
an auction and together with Tara, is studying said book. Many of the
spells and rituals are too complicated or dangerous for the two witches,
but they do find one spell they wish to try.
This spell allows someone to remember a former life, if he or she has
lived once before.
With a bit of cajoling they manage to get Xander to be their...
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Xander had finally found her, the right woman. She is beautiful, can kick ass and loves him as much as he loves her. The two want to marry but there is one little problem... Xander has to meet her family first and she has a veerrrry scary and protective father/mother or other relative.


1) Ryoko and her mad scientist mother Washu aka little Washu (Tenchi Muyo)

2) Scarlet Witch and her father Magneto (X-Men)

3) Leia Organa and her biological father Anakin Skywalker aka Darth Vader

4) Susan Sto Helit and her grandfather Death (Discworld)...
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