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Author TheEmpressOfJohoho

We all know what Willow is a whiz at computers, but what if the CTU also knew this and were looking to hire her.
The story could be played out during any of the seasons of 24. It would be interesting to see how Willow would react and interact with Jack, Chloe and the others.

So basically I'm asking for a story with Willow working as a data analyst at CTU, Los Angeles.
- Would she use her magic?
- Would she call in any of the Scoobies?
- Would she help Jack, and by doing so, breaking the rules?

These are a few of many questions that could be answered.
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In season 5 when Riley left, Buffy ran after him but didn't make it in time.
I would like to know what would have happened if she made it. Would he stay? Would Buffy still die? Would Spike and Buffy hook up?

And since it has to be a crossover I thought, what would happen if Riley got offered a job at the Stargate Command (SGC). Would he take it? Would Buffy come with him? Would she eventually be offered a job? Would the Scoobies come with them?

You have free reigns to do whatever you want.
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