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Author AnitaPotter

A Buffy/Knockaround Guys x-over.

Buffy finds her way to NY, how is up to you, and runs into Marbles, who she at first mistakes for Oz. Marbles can either be Oz's twin, some other relation, or just a guy who looks scarily like him. Buffy and Marbles become friends and he shows her around NY, letting her know all the best places to party, eat etc. and all the places to stay well away from. At first he tries to keep her away from Matty and the others, wanting her all to himself and to keep her from falling into their lifestyle. However one night while she's out, she either decides to go ...
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Plot 1:
Buffy somehow knows Lex and Lex calls her in as extra help to keep the 'civilians' safe. And in the end it's Buffy and Lex that are the last ones left alive with Scar, and if you want, one of the other predators. So long as Buffy, Lex and Scar are there it doesn't matter who else makes it out alive as well.

Things I'd like to see:
The more primal/slayer side of Buffy coming out in reaction to the predators and aliens.
A Buffy/Scar or Buffy/OC Predator pairing
Buffy kicking Alien butt
The Scoobies' reaction to the Aliens and Predators

Plot 2:...
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Xander somehow ends up in Manhattan, whether it's during his road trip, or for some other reason is up to you and meets the gargoyles, some time before Elisa, Bronx and Goliath's trip to Avalon. At some point while they are all gathered together something happens to cause a magical explosion.

Maybe Demona was trying to cast a spell on Goliath and the others, or Puck or one of his 'siblings' or even Titania or Oberon, decided to have fun with them/punish them for something, but either way, Xander's luck stays true and makes the magic go all wonky. Once the smoke has cleared, or they w...
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