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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author Infinix

No not pokemon. Pokegirls is a twisted little parody of the pokemon world that hasn't been crossed with Buffy yet. If you want to write this I reccomend checking out one of the guides to the universe that you can find by searching for Pokegirls.

The challenge is to drop a Buffy or Angel character into the Pokegirl world(by whatever plot device you prefer) and show how well they do or don't handle the rather bizarre world.

Any character will do but male is the standard although if you do female you can have the added twist of them turning into a pokegirl.

Like anythi...
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Just about every Anita Blake crossover it seems is either a blending of the two universes or the Buffy verse characters end up in the land of Anita.

So my challenge is simple and vague; one or more Anita characters end up in the Buffyverse and have to deal with a place that is very different than back home.

I am now going to apologize if this challenge makes no sense it sounded okay in my head.
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Had a great idea(I thought) and then found out I was hopelessly out of my depth. I hope someone else can do it justice.

-4 or 5 years post Chosen Xander is burning out from politics in the New Council.
-While in Africa a shaman Xander saves gives him back all the Hyena enhancements(without the primal spirit,) full use of his soldier memories and his eye.
-He has been a field watcher training more of 'his girls'
-Your choice of plot device to get him signing up Xander and his past charges for a special forces unit.
-The original idea was to see how 5 slayers and a supe...
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