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Fandom has created names for common pairings (Spuffy, Spander, Bangel, McShep, etc.) which has led to some confusion, especially in crossover fics, where those words may actually be a characters name... so why not take advantage of it and create a story with a weird double meaning?

Let's see a River/Jayne fic starring Ethan Rayne, a Xander/Tara fic starring Zara Zatanna, etc.
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Okay, imagine you're in a fairly committed heterosexual relationship when, for whatever reason, you transform physically - body/voice only (maybe with a different accent) - into your partner's double. You'd be stuck like that anywhere from a week to a month. Question is, would your relationship survive the experience?

Remember, only one partner out of a two-person heterosexual couple can transform, no simply switching bodies... So, let's put some crossfandom couples through the wringer.

Extra points if it's a Stargate crossover, especially Sam/Giles or McKay/Willow...
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Something I haven't seen here before... Very simply, take any female character that is an 'identical stranger' (twin/cousin/clone/whatever) to one of the Buffy/Angel gang and make her a Slayer.

Some Suggestions:
Faith's face: True Lies/Bring it On
Willow's face: American Pie/How I Met Your Mother
Cordelia's face: Veronica Mars/See Jane Date
Dawn's face: EuroTrip/Six Feet Under
Tara's face: Supernatural... but if you're going to have a non-demonic vampire called as a Slayer that's a *whole* other can of worms ;)
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The X-Mansion has been destroyed several times throughout it's career. Often, it has been rebuilt with funding from outside sources. What if one of the sources (such as the Hellfire Club or the U.S. military) paid for the complete rebuilding of 'Xavier's School for the Gifted', on the condition that it be moved to an active Hellmouth?

You could go for a complete AU, where the first official school was built with this in mind, or set at any point in X-Men history, preferably at a point where either the mansion's (such as Bastion's dissection of it in Zero Tolerance) or the team's (su...
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Basically someone from Buffy's world builds a holodeck-equivalent and loads the database with all the Star Trek canon he or she can find. The first part of the story should be told from the POV of the Star Trek characters who assume they are real and the situation they're in -however improbable- is also real.

Ideally the reader should assume this a crossover set in the Star Trek Universe until you reveal the surprise twist.

Now, who's up for a Death Star vs. the Federation fight?

I can just see Buffy enjoying a simulation until something weird happens, so she freeze...
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I'd love to see what would happen if Venom or another member of the symbiotic species that plagues Spiderman tried to bond with Illyria.

The spores that make up Illyria in her 'resting' state don't seem to be that choosy and they do retain unusual traits from their 'host'. I'd like to see those spores try to consume Venom or another symbiote... Either attacking the merged human/symbiote pair or attacking only the symbiote itself. You never know what that Knox could get up to... ;)
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One of the female cast members of Buffy/Angel becomes a Highlander-style Immortal. Sometime after this, something mystical happens and all female Immortals (at least, those who are apparently of child-bearing years) become pregnant.

If you want to have more than one Southern-California born cast member become an Immortal, please have it be because of a spell or something similar with a definite starting point, such as with Dawn being 'made from' Buffy, because more than one pre-immortal naturally occurring in a group this small is somewhat unlikely, right? Giles, Tara and others bor...
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Pick three people who have the same name, preferably each from different fandoms. Then imagine Dawn as their daughter/sister/family/girlfriend/fiancee/wife. Alternatively, pick three characters who share the same (physical or voice) actor/actress.

Option 1: Something happens and Dawn is caught in a loop. She keeps shifting between three realities, none of them her own. Unless she finds out what's going on and why each of the three men claiming to be most connected to her have the same first name, she may never be able to get home.

Option 2: The Scoobies have a problem. ...
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Seeley Booth is at the very least an identical stranger to Angel, which is taken advantage of in many crossovers with 'Bones'... Why does he get to have all the fun?

Temperance Brennan is athletic and strong-willed and short. She's had a lot of family tragedy. How about a story where there's a link between her and Anita Blake or Susan Sto-Helit?

There are several problems here... Anita and Susan have (mostly) jet black hair while Brennan's a brunette. Anita's a devout Christian, generally speaking. Brennan's an atheist. I seem to remember Anita having a larger cup size....
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One of the Scoobies/AI gang is looking for help/visiting/attending/teaching at Hogwarts where a character from either CSI or the West Wing has just been hired as the new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor, or a similar position.

If you can work it in, I'd like a scene where the new professor is answering a letter from his/her friends back in America.

Bonus points for the phrase: "Knowledge is power, right?"
or at least one with a similar sentiment. Preparation, etc.
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Okay, I've seen some 'Buffy's real father' stories that explain that Dawn was created from Buffy's blood, so they have the same dad, even if said father died years before Dawn was born. I've also seen stories where Joyce is actually Buffy's aunt, which complicates things further, especially with the monks messing around with memories.

What I would like to see is a 'Buffy's real father/family' story where the monks created Dawn as Buffy's fraternal twin. This will likely lead to complications such as Dawn and Buffy competing directly over men, which is cool :)

As stories can...
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In the 1980's, Selina Kyle died. When she woke up, a few minutes later, she had not only become Catwoman, she had been called as a Slayer.

In her new life as a costumed villainess/anti-hero she clashed with Batman. Her next death didn't slow her down much, but it was enough to call the next Slayer. The Watcher Council Squad which had been about to catch up with her decided she was no longer high-priority and downgraded her status from 'capture' to 'observe'.

The trauma build-up from the next few deaths erased her memories and destroyed her sense of self, so the Watchers Cou...
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A succubus is draining the life out of young men and leaving empty corpses behind. She's irredeemably evil and has to be stopped.

Sam and Dean are in a dance club where at least one Scooby or A.I. member is hanging out.

When the boys are trying to discuss their plans on how to kill the demon, despite the loud music, one of them yells 'I said, let's smother the whore tonight!' (or something equally incriminating) just when the music stops. Everyone in the bar - including the Scooby or A.I. member - turns to look at them.

Wackiness ensues... Either immediately or wh...
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Hey, I've seen stories that have Angel or a magically strengthened Xander carrying the amulet against the First, but a 'champion' just has to be fighting for a cause. It doesn't have to be a good one.

Caleb, Dark Willow, Glory (assuming Ben's soul counts), Mayor Richard Wilkins or Faith (while she's still under his control), even a souled Vampire Willow, are all good options, as are crossover characters like Dr. Doom. This could be as simple as 'restrain person, slip amulet around neck, teleport under Hellmouth' or an action based on misinformation. They could be trying to save the ...
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There are lots of authors and artists and author/artists out there who put time and energy into bringing their vision to life and then display it for free. If they're lucky, they can make a living off the sale of merchandise and compilation albums (bonus material included).

This website has very few webcomic crossovers, which is a shame because there are some great stories out there to be enjoyed.

All you need to do is write a fic with just the usual strong disclaimer, a link to the website and - when appropriate, for the more plot intensive ones - a warning such as "Contain...
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