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Author Scorpio

Several centuries in the future an immortal Xander is 'haunted' by Buffy who is his eternal companion and guide. They are sent on a quest to regain that which is lost. He is given a slayer to help and he must, as always, protect the Key.

You decide on the following:

- The future AU is set in: Chronicles of Riddick verse, Firefly verse, or Star Trek verse. (or another as long as it has advanced tech & the ability to travel to other planets.)

- Xander can not die because: he is a 'Highlander' style immortal, he is a Marvel style 'external', a Naquada powered cyborg...
Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Theme: Heroic Xander • Responses [1] • Date Added [16 Jun 11]
Gibbs is at NCIS Headquarters when he suddenly falls through a hole in reality to another timeline. It’s basically the same world, however, recent events turned out much differently. In the timeline Gibbs finds himself, the fiasco with the Initiative in Sunnydale was resolved in a public manner. The truth about vampires, demons and the supernatural was inadvertently revealed to the world. This has lead to vast changes in both technology and cultural lifestyles. Witches, weres and various non-human species walk about in the open as legal citizens while other non-human species are hunted just ...
NCIS • Responses [0] • Date Added [18 Apr 09]
Stargate Atlantis crossover...

With an easy and quick way to travel from Earth to Atlantis and back again possible, along with the rising threat of the Wraith, international pressure for finding new and powerful warriors with the ATA gene increases greatly. Testing of the world’s ‘elite’ shows that Watcher Xander Harris of the International Slayer's Council has the coveted ATA gene.

Thinly veiled threats in the form of suggestions from the various governments involved in the Stargate program lead Giles to appoint Xander as the ‘leader’ of a contingent of Council me...
Stargate • Responses [1] • Date Added [11 Apr 09]
While out hunting down newly activated slayers, Xander finds a pre-immortal infant foundling lying next to the body of a dead slayer and several dead demons. Xander mistakenly believes that the infant is the dead slayer’s child and takes him/her with him back to the Council.

- You chose who ends up raising the child. Could be Xander, could be Buffy and Dawn, could be Faith and Robin. Could even be some random immortal. Just no orphanage please.
- Buffy’s boyfriend “The Immortal” recognizes the child for what it really is. This boyfriend can be anyone from the Highlander sh...
Highlander • Responses [0] • Date Added [7 Apr 09]
When one Slayer dies, the next is called. Buffy died and Kendra was called. Then Xander performed CPR & brought Buffy back. It's all good, right?

Wrong. Buffy came back to a normal non-Slayer type girl. The Slayer Spirit left her and went to Kendra. Oh, she was changed by her time as a slayer; she's a little faster, stronger & has more endurance than a regular person - but she's no where near a Slayer's level of strength anymore.

But can she really fulfill her dream as a "normal" girl with the Master & the Mayor declaring war on each other, her reputatio...
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S1 Ep: "I Robot, You Jane" - Post: Matrix Revolutions

The evil demon Moloch was accidentally scanned into the Internet during an online book project sponsored by Jenny Calendar. He was bound to a robot & destroyed. Or was he?

Fast forward unknown thousands of years into the future. Neo, just having defeated the virus known as Agent Smith, finds himself inside the heart of Machine City. Injured & alone he is brought before the King & Queen of this techno-hell: Moloch & Willow Rosenberg. They only appear before him as holograms that seem to be human.

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