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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author Kateydidnt

In "The Gift" as Dawn's blood begins to break down barriers between universes, we see a Dragon come through. For the purposes of this challenge, the Dragon remained in this world when the fissure was closed.

Where did this Dragon come from? What is its story? What happens when it gets stuck in the world of Buffy/Angel?

Has Kilgarrah suddenly found himself far in the future? (Merlin)

Is it one of the creatures of Morgoth? (Silmarillion/Hobbit/LOTR)

Is Charlie Weasley now missing a dragon from his job? (Harry Potter)

Other possibilities include Narnia...
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The team of the Leverage is on a job. You can choose what the situation is and how the Council gets involved.
But there has to be some sort of misunderstanding that then turns around and the Leverage team ends up working with the new council people.

We HAVE to see though Elliot vs Buffy or Faith in a fight, or Willow vs Hardison in hacking.

Elliot is in no way shape or form related to Lindsey McDonald. Nor are they the same person. They are just identical strangers.
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When the Time Lords where about to be destroyed, one of them used the Chameleon Arch to hide herself. Somehow (on purpose or by accident) she became a part of the time vortex itself--a conscious entity that is part of the fabric of time and space.

Then the Order of Dagon created a body to put her in...

(Oh, and "time vortex" can mean the space through which TARDIS travels, or it can refer to the same kind of vortex energy that makes up the Heart of the TARDIS--you choose.)

Ideas to consider (not compulsory):
Is Dawn the one that the Face of Boe is referring to wh...
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Post-Chosen Buffy has gone back to school, finally realizing that it looks like she might live long enough to actually have a career. When she gets done she has a shiny new PhD in psychology.

Now what to do with it?

Does she go back to being a high school counselor? (Could be a cross with Gilmore Girls, Smallville, Roswell, X-Men, etc.)

Does she go into private practice? (Could be a cross with most anything really)

Does she end up working in a hospital? (Could be a cross with ER, House, Chicago Hope, etc.)

Does she end up working for the police or a...
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