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There seem to be a great deal of stories and challenges where Buffy Summers (or even Dawn) was Mary Winchester in a past life. There are also stories in which Buffy, along with another Supernatural character are resurrected because of Willow's spell.

Well, let's give Mary a chance.

I would like to see a story in which it is Mary Winchester who is resurrected with Buffy. Mary, being from a family of hunters before she married John, is completely aware of the supernatural world and so has no problem believing in what happened to her. She is just not sure how her family would ...
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Instead of seeing Buffy, Faith, Willow or Dawn as one of the Winchester clan, I'd like to see Cordelia Chase in that role.

The premise is this, Cordy's father, Mr. Chase, is the unnamed uncle (Mary Winchester's brother) of Dean and Sam. When Dean and Cordy were babies,the families were somewhat close. But after Mary's death, John cut ties with the family since they were not prepared to accept the truth about what killed her. Mrs. Chase, unbeknown to her husband, tried to keep John updated on what their family was up to, so over the years, he'd share tidbits about their only cousin, n...
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In Season Two of Angel, Dru was brought in by Wolfram And Hart to re-vamp Darla since Angel wouldn't do it. She was promised a new playmate. This of course fizzled out when Darla killed herself to give birth to Connor. So now Dru returns to W&H demanding that she receive payment. She wants a playmate that will be bound to her only, since Dru has never really been the one in charge. (Even Spike, her childe, went his own way.) Since W&H is all about chaos, they give in to her demands and attempt a spell to summon the perfect evil sidekick for Dru.

The twist is, during the spell,...
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