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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Author shelli

Inspired and based on challenge 2666 by zoev

I've enjoyed the original challenge so much that I wondered if anyone would write an alternative version.

It’s the summer after Season 4 (BtVS timeline) and Buffy realises that she’s pregnant (and it cannot be Riley’s for whatever reason).

After visiting the doctor’s she realises that the date of conception coincides with the date that she ended up unconscious in the Initiative Infirmary.

Willow goes through the files that they stole from the Initiative before they destroyed it and they discover that Buff...
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What if Buffy was at the SGC for some reason (you decide) only to be stuck there during the episode "window of opportunity" with Buffy, Jack and Teal'c all remembering the day as it starts over and over...

Buffy/Jack friendship is a must if you want to put a romantic slant on it that's ok too or if you want to keep the Jack/Sam kiss maybe you could throw in a Buffy/Daniel (double dare anyone?).

I'm interested to see the "fun" antics that they get up to. And with time passing by normally outside the mountain no Willow or the Scoobies to come rescue her!
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What if Buffy's real dad was Jack Bristow??

-Buffy centered fic
-Was Joyce or Hank a target of the CIA??
-How would Sydney react??
-How do there worlds collide
-It's up to you if Dawn exists or not

Bonus points:
-Buffy/Sark pairing!!!
-No ever wonderful Willow!
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