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Author DemonChildeKyra

BtVS/AtS crossover with Dollhouse

K, I just finished watching the first ep of Dollhouse and the plot bunnies attacked. But sadly, I don't have teh time to write it, so I present to you a challenge!

Okay, so the Actives are programmed with personalities made up of bits and pieces of other peoples' personalities, right?

What if Echo was programmed with a personality that was predominantly made up of Faith's personality? And what if she bumped into one of the Scoobies or a member of the Fang Gang, or even Lindsey or Lilah, while on assignment?

Must Haves...
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Ok, so this is gonna be a bit of a wierd crossover, but bear with me. I thought that it could be interesting to see a story crossing Buffy with the show Army Wives.

How you get them to cross is really up to you. I'll be happy with whatever you come up with!

Here's some ideas for ya, though:

a) Maybe Trevor isn't Roxy's only connection to the Army; what if she had a half brother, one Riley Finn, whom her younger son is named after?

b) Maybe one of the guys from Army Wives worked with the Initiative project.

c) Maybe Pamela Moran is Willow's Aunt &a...
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