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Author CousinMary

The challenge: a Watchmen xover where Buffy moves to pre-Keene Act NY and fights crime. She can join the Crime Busters or patrol on her own, but I’d love to read Rorschach’s confused reaction to the best fighter he’s ever seen being a woman who dresses and talks like Buffy. Extra points for a romance between Buffy and one of the Masks - author’s choice, though my top picks would be Dan, Laurie or Rorschach (yeah, he’d be hard, but that’s what makes it a –challenge- ;-)

Suggestions (not required, but…)

1)If there are vampires in this universe the Masks don...
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I've seen a lot of body-switching stories and some of them are quite good. But what I'd really like to see is a fic where the Scoobies switch powers.

Example: Buffy getting Willow's witchy-ness, Anya getting to be a slayer, Dawn getting Xander’s hyena

Must have:
At least 2 Scoobies switching powers, feel free to do more
Xover with 1 other world only (multi's make me dizzy ;-)

Must not have:
Any Scooby being overly vilified. (No one is so awful for never realizing how important Xander is.)
No character being overly martyred. (No one has been ...
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